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Starting an Extreme Pizza franchise is easy, there are lot of support and guide that you will be receiving once you choose this franchise. From starting up and during actual operation Extreme Pizza is always there to assist you.

Extreme Pizza started its pizza business in 1994, and from there they have added different new menus on their mix. They also have received several awards over the years which include Best Pizza in San Francisco, Bay Area and East Bay a lot of times.

We all know that business’ success depends on how the customers support or patronize products and services. This company always makes sure that their reputation on their outstanding product and service is excellent. That even on their franchisee they provide the full support in terms of training and other material especially during startup.

Starting an Extreme Pizza franchise is a great opportunity to earn great profit but of course it requires big financial and personal commitment. Knowing that competition is around the corner, Extreme Pizza will provide you everything you need to support your business franchise.

Listed below are the supports that they provide:

  • Operations and Training manuals
  • Lectures and actual training.
  • On-site training for managers and owners on pre-opening and continuous support.
  • Conferences for managers and owners that covers concern on areas of business.
  • Advertising research and marketing to increase sales.
  • Support during grand opening to get new customers instantly.

In finding location for your business, Extreme Pizza will help you in getting qualified real estate professional that has the experience in marketing and your other needs. The real estate agent will then coordinate with Extreme Pizza to look for a site that will qualify the criteria that Extreme Pizza require for a store site. Upon the approval of the location they will help you in negotiating with the landlords.

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for 1st location, $20,000 for 2nd location and $15,000 for 3rd location. The equipment will be approving by the Extreme Pizza and they will let you choose your supplier for the equipment. In investing for this franchise business you need approximately $209,200 - $462,500, this is only an estimate of the total cost because actual cost varies according to the market.

You will have 6 weeks comprehensive training program. The training includes in-store training that starts from hiring, training, preparation of food, bookkeeping, advertising, customer service and management. The first 4 weeks of the training will take place in their corporate training facility in San Francisco and the other 2 weeks will be held on the site location prior to the opening of your Extreme Pizza franchise. Aside from the trainings, they will also provide you operation manuals and other details that will help you in managing your franchise.

The key factor of making these business a success is by choosing the right location, you have to be patient enough in looking for the best location for your business but of course choosing the best spot for your business usually require time and money this is where Extreme Pizza will help you in negotiating for getting the site that you have choose for your business.


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