Damson Tree Cultivation

Damson tree is a small tart plum that is used in baking and cooking. Its great significance encourages farmers to have it in their yard or farm. Out of simple cultivating procedures, you can accumulate huge money by selling its fruits.

Damson tree is considered heartier as compared to traditional plum. It can be grown in various well-drained soils.

This shrub-like and small tree grows up to 15 feet. This tree also bears an intense crop of dark bluish-purple fruit with huge pit or stone in the center. Similar with other plum species, damson grows best from cutting.

Procedures in Growing Damson Trees

How to grow damson tree? This tree doesn’t require excessive time and effort. If you are planning to have this tree, the first thing that you need to do is to prepare growing pots before taking them. Fill a container with combined sterile and perlite potting soil for every damson cutting. Soak them with water and let them drain. In getting some damson cuttings, make sure that you pick several sets of leaf buds and green bark. It is also best to keep temperatures around the cutting for almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Each day, you need to open the bag for an hour. This can allow the damson tree to breathe. You also need to check its roots after three to five weeks. After two months, you have to transplant the damson into a fertile soil. Make sure that you provide them with sufficient water and sunlight for best cultivating results.

Damson Tree Cultivation

Most farmers use fertilizers in cultivating damson trees. If you are one of them, you have to choose the right fertilizers for your trees. With various fertilizers available in the market, some of them are effective, while others are not. Before buying any fertilizers, make sure that you read their ingredients and exact applications. These fertilizers should be applied every late winter. If you reside in a humid area, you have to apply these stuffs during early spring. In applying, see to it that you spread them evenly over the soil. Apart from applying fertilizers, you also need to train your damson trees. In its first three years, major pruning is needed. Also, you have to keep soil moist though mulching your tree. It is also needed to place net over the tree to deter birds, especially during its seasons.

How to Earn Money with Damson Trees?

During its seasons, farmers can harvest large numbers of damson fruits. If you have plenty of trees, you can trade them in the market. Earning money with damson tree is just very fast and simple. All you have to do is to advertise your business to the public. These damson fruits are effectively used for cooking, baking and creating wines.

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