Creative Names for Catering Business

Catering business name is one of the most important aspects of your venture. There are many options regarding the creative names for catering business.

Once you selected the right one, you will surely have the most unique catering business name. This article will surely help you a lot.

Gone are the days that the name of your business is just ordinary ones. The era of creative names for catering business is already present. So when you are planning to establish this kind of business, there are so many creative names for catering business that you can consider.

Family Name

The most common option available for you is the family name. Though this might not be one of the catchiest names you can use for your business, but this will provide the venture with the most unique and distinct kind of business name. There are so many families which are known in their community. If your family is included in those well-known families, you will surely create an impact of choosing this catering business name. If your family is using the surname Smith, then you can use Smith's Catering Services.


One of the considerations when looking for business name is its impact to their sales. As of this time, there are catering business names that are more popular because of using the repetition technique. Based from the studies being published from Journal of Marketing, they tend to remember the names of the catering businesses more over those businesses which do not use repetition technique. There is something in repetition technique which makes the business easily remembered. Example of this name is Meal with Zeal Catering. But then, always use the names which are not too complicated to pronounce.

Suggestive Names

Suggestive names are also another option available for you. These names are basically designed in order to invoke an idea to your target customers. There are some sources available in the internet wherein those companies suggesting descriptive meaning and requiring some sort of imagination effects will create great impact to the consumers and it can lead to the increase in the business sales. There are so many descriptive terms you can choose from and make sure that you will select the best one. Aside from that, make use of the suggestive names that can easily create an impact to your customers.

Target Market

There are some catering businesses that will create an impact to their target clients because of using names for specific market. This is especially true in terms of business events and weddings. In case owners of catering business will choose the name of their venture, they can take into account their business audience. By means of using business names based from their target clients, they can potential attract their target customers. Like for example your catering business is offering French Food services, you can make use of the name Ecouter Catering. The term Ecouter is the French word meaning food.

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