ATM Vending Business

ATM vending business can be a profitable venture. However, every business man should consider a lot of factors before starting.

These days it is not ideal to just put up a business without planning them very well because you cannot afford to lose money, time and effort. Read on further to know how to run an ATM vending business.

Why ATM Vending Business?

Running an ATM vending business is easy means to get passive income. Meaning, after arranging or setting up the business, the business will run itself and you can now earn money effortlessly. It is an easy means to have guaranteed income, no need for you to hire employees or staff to run your business.

Location of the Machine

One of the most important aspects to remember in order for the ATM vending business to be successful is the location. Locations like convenience stores, bowling alleys, movie theaters, arcades and other areas with many people wherein they will need money.

Theft Insurance

Before you start your ATM vending machine make sure to obtain theft insurance in the event that someone steals the machine. But be sure to get a policy that will cover the highest amount that your ATM can hold.

Access Fee

Access fee is also vital because it is the main way on how you can acquire income. You can require $1 to 4 per every transaction of a certain customer.

Independent Sales Organization

Choose your independent sales organization that will process all the transactions of your machine. If you don’t know where you can find one, search them over the internet and choose the one that will provide your needs.

Stocking of Cash

Select the one that will stock the cash into your ATM, even though you can also do it yourself by your own money, you can also borrow cash from banks to replenish the machine. Another option here is to apply for loan for you to have cash that you use to refill the ATM machine.

ATM Machine

Choose an ATM machine that will provide security and durability. In general the great ones may have a price that ranges from $3,500 to $6,000. You can also lease machine $70 to 110 each month in case you still don’t have the cash to invest on one. Be sure to choose a reputable company that sell or leases machine. They can also instruct you the tips to become successful in this endeavor.


If you don’t want to take a risk, it would be nice if you can hire a security guard especially if it is required by the insurance coverage. Consider on installing cash recording device to determine the amount of cash that it is released by the machine most especially during robbery.

For a better chance, contact the owners and managers of locations that you opted. Be sure to ask if they have interest on having ATM machine on their business or area. As a return tell them that 30 % of the money that is withdrawn from the machine is also spent in the store. This will surely encourage business owners to agree.


  • Dee said on October 4, 2012
    What is the failure rate of an ATM business ?
  • Charles Read said on December 11, 2012
    Seeking info for possible ATM vending route on the Outer Banks (Dare and Currituck counties) of North Carolina. Please mail info packet to: Charles Read, 19 Mallard Cove Loop, Southern Shores, NC 27949


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