Cost of Local Radio Advertising

If you want to utilize the radio for your advertising campaigns, you will have to be prepared to spend a hefty sum. One ad campaign can cost you around $20,000 and this will already cover the two aspects of radio ads – advertising strategy and the media planning.

With the right budget and skills, this type of ad can work for you.

The Cost of Local Radio Advertising

There are many ways to advertise the business and one is through radio advertising. This is a proven way to attract potential customers to a certain business or company. If you’re wondering about the cost of local radio advertising, you should be aware that it will greatly depend on your allotted budget. Keep in mind that you’re after the direct response of your customers or clients. To determine the cost, you can break down the campaign into 2 parts – advertising strategy and media planning.

The radio ads should be developed creatively, using the right advertising strategy. Developing the advertisement is much more affordable these days. For a voice ad, you will typically spend around $850 to $900 and this will already include production, copywriting, and creative strategy. However, if you want more voices, you may have to add another $200! The simplest radio ads can’t cost more than $1,000 but if you have complex requirements, it’s going to cost you more. Test the ads first to determine its performance. You can also combine the media element in the ads to best results. Just in case you’re having budget problems, you can discuss this with the concerned agency because if your advertising strategy fails, the whole campaign can be affected as well.

The Budget

Having the right media budget is another consideration. This is where media planning come in. Did you know a typical radio ad can cost around $6,000 a week? Even the testing period will already require you to spend money. You have to ensure that your advertising budget will not exceed the returns that you expect to receive from such campaigns. Depending on your budget, you now have to determine the number of radio stations that will air your ads and the number of times it is going to be played throughout the day.

All in all, you may have to prepare around $20,000 for your radio advertising and this will already cover the initial testing and the actual airing of the ads. You can learn a lot of lessons from using a radio ad campaign based on the returns that you will get. If you are able to generate more gains than the cost, then you have a successful campaign; if not, you can learn from previous mistakes and use your new knowledge to create better radio ads. It can be costly for small businesses to spend on the radio ads but with adequate planning, even the small business owners can now earn a lot of profits.


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