Carl’s Jr. Launches “Bad-mouthing” Burger Ad

Carl’s Jr’s Big Carl advertisement has lambasted and belittled McDonald’s Big Mac. The ads were launched on Wednesday, which typically aimed to demolish the credibility of the leading burger chain’s Angus burger.

Carl’s Jr. has lambasted and belittled McDonald’s by releasing a television advertisement on Wednesday which aimed to demolish the credibility of Big Mac’s Angus burger.

The Big Carl, a flagship double burger with thousand island sauce and cheese, advertisement was launched by Carl’s Jr. to “bad-mouth” the Golden Arches’ new Big Mac Angus burger.

The Angus burger concept was pioneered by CKE Restaurant Inc, which also owned fast-food franchise Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The larger Angus beef was considered by many food experts as more superior quality than the typical fast-food patty.

But with the launch of Angus Big Mac, the competition between the fast-food giants became more intense as Carl’s Jr. released a blow that could possibly knockout the one-third-pound burger of McDonald’s.

CKE CEO Andrew Puzder accused McDonald’s of “copying” their pioneering product, saying that they will go after the competition for not playing fair.

The advertisement said that Big Carl has bigger meat patty while Big Mac has a relatively paucity of meat, not to mention the higher price tag. Big Carl’s SRP is $2.49 while Big Mac sells for $3.50.

Puzder also said that the company will give back the money of customers if they think Big Mac is more superior to their burgers.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s CEO Dan Coudreaut said that they are “flattered” by the advertisement, saying that it is nice that the competition is talking about their Big Mac and liking the demolition job as sour-grapping.


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