Buy and Sell Used Furniture

Are you planning to start your own small business like a consignment store or a buy and sell used furniture business?

Buying and selling used furniture is a pretty good option for business if you want to earn for a living or have it as a source of additional income for the family, here are some buy and sell used furniture business ideas for you.

The Idea of Buying and Selling Used Furniture

The buy and sell used furniture business is one of the best options if you’re planning to be part of the resale industry. What is good about the business is the flexibility of time in conducting the business, whether you want to handle it full-time or by part-time basis. This means you don’t have to leave your present job if you see this as an additional source of income for the family. Setting up a storefront is also not a problem on this kind of business, since you can set-up a home-based operation if there’s an enough room to handle the items or you create an online store for wider audiences.
Furthermore, the buy and sell business for used furniture can be more successful if you are familiar with some basic interior designing ideas and a little bit of knowhow to distinguish antique furniture, this will help you in answering some of the probing questions from the buyers. In addition, your patience is also required since there will be times that you will encounter customers which are focused more on throwing lots of questions than on the intention of buying, so be ready with this kind of situation. If you think that you acquire these good qualities of a business-minded person, and then there’s no doubt that you fit perfectly in the buy and sell industry.

Buy and Sell Used Furniture Business Ideas and Pointers

You’ll never run out of items in your buy and sell used furniture business if you know the right places where to get the stuffs and you have a good storefront to showcase the furniture.

  • The Sources
  • Looking for the sources will be your first goal so you can start with your business. You can find some of the finest used furniture in “flea markets”, however, this will require you intensive researching on when these markets will open and most of them are only available during weekends. The internet is also a good source of the items but you should only choose trusted websites that are legally selling used furniture. In finding the sources it also depends on what kind of buy and sell business you desired for. For example, if you wish to handle a consignment shop you’re first step is to look for individuals or companies that are in need for “middleman” to sell their used furniture. Same also if you plan to open an antique shop, but this will require you have some knowledge in pricing antique items.

  • The Storefront
  • Once you have the sources, you’re next job is to open your storefront where you will showcase the items and where all the business transactions will be conducted. For home-based operation, make it sure that there is enough space for the presentation of the items particularly in bigger furniture. If you wish to have an online store, make use of reputable websites like that offers reasonable amount of fees to introduce your items to online buyers.

  • The Equipment and Licenses
  • It is better to equip your business with the necessary equipment plus the licenses as required by the state. According to, a typical consignment shop requires a start-up capital between $2,000 up to $10,000 including the equipment.


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    I need help in starting my store front used furniture store in warren, mi.


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