How to Sell Car Parts

Selling car parts is a good decision. Nevertheless, you should first determine the price of each car part that you would sell.

This will prevent other experts from swindling you.

Profitable Conditions when Selling Car Parts

  • Selling a junk car. If your car is damaged severely and it is considered to be a salvage car and cannot be repaired to work properly then selling its good car parts can be profitable.
  • Comparing the repair cost to selling the whole car. If your car is repairable but the repair cost is high and you can only bring small amount of money if you will sell the whole car then it would be wiser to just sell car parts.

There are many people who are looking for cheap yet rare parts for their cars so selling car parts can be a profitable business for you. You only need good working car parts, place to store them, some websites to post on, and a bank account for payments. This may sound easier but it can be really be a tedious job if you really want high amount of profit.

Steps on Selling Car Parts

  • List the car parts that you are going to sell. There are many car parts that you can sell to people; all you need is to research on the web the parts that most people need.
  • Set up your shop. Choose a location that you feel good for a car parts shop. You can also create a website to sell parts online. You may need some capital for the rental or purchase of your shop as well as hire people who know cars and car parts. However, if you will be selling online, the capital for your investment can be minimal.
  • Sell car parts on eBay. EBay is very popular for online auctions and buying and selling of stuffs. You just need to register and sign up for an account and then post the car parts that you will sell. Describe the car parts specifications and conditions also. Wait and hope that someone purchased the parts.
  • Sell car parts on Craigslist. This site is nice for buying and selling of items. You will also sign up and register here and post your car parts however, this site is less secured than eBay.
  • Sell car parts on forums. Forums for general auto or more specific site like car brands are good places where you can sell car parts. Advertise your items and for example, you are selling Honda parts, post on Hondo forum website. You can post and advertise on general websites also just be sure that your car parts are in good running condition so that people may actually buy them.


  • cosmos banda said on July 21, 2013
    do u have to register or satisfy any state regulation to do this in massachusette?
  • Christa said on October 23, 2013
    I'm from Namibia and I want to start with this business can someone help me where, how to start. Thanks in regard
  • Madimba Charles said on March 24, 2022
    I need to set up a mini shop to sell car parts and smallies for hardware in Zimbabwe. Can I get some advice? I intend to start small and build, as I do not have much capital. Which type of parts should I start with?


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