Businesses using Twitter

Twitter is a social networking website that has become popular for a lot of businesses. Seeing its advantages, it is becoming a great tool for marketing.

The first thing to do is being able to define the objectives that you want to achieve when you use twitter. It is best if you can stick with it as well.

If you have a business, here are some tips that might become handy if you want to use Twitter.

  • If you got several goals, then you can create more than one account. Always think of a creative user that name that can be remembered by people. Build up certain awareness for your brand. Make sure that your company gives away what your company can do. See to it that your project has credibility.
  • When adding pictures, maintain professionalism. Don’t post something that is silly or stiff. You want to look as human as possible. See to it that your avatar projects confidence when it comes to your business capacity. You can never go wrong with being simple. Learn to enforce your brand.
  • It is best not to forget your website and brief company profile. This will give people online reference about the things that you can offer and the things that they can learn. Your profile needs to reflect your company.
  • Twitter is known as a micro blogging. Your entry is limited to 140 letters. Make sure that your message is precise and straight to the point.
  • Twitter is more than just a tool to tell the whole world about certain news or announcements. It is time to use it as way to tell people about business goals, interests and offer customer support. Be creative when it comes to sending out messages.
  • Never ever spam your readers by telling them only how great your company is. This is definitely a sure way to lose the interest of people when you market your company. Add human touch to it by putting live links or funny stories or something that is interesting. It is best if you say something about latest events. Remember to balance your topics.
  • Add not just anyone but people who you can learn from. This is about building quality network. The more useful your followers are the better. This can help you to become useful. You can gain more friends, subscriber and potential clients.
  • Don’t forget to add meaningful comments. Read other people’s tweet and say something interesting. This can show them that you are interested as well. Users are notified when they get replies so they are aware that people are interested with them. Make sure to keep balance.
  • Use twitter all the time. The more you use this, the more interaction you can get. You can gain more friends and followers that would lead to a larger network.
  • Twitter can help show you the other side of things. It can give you power to manage your reputation online. This can let you see what you and your company looks like in the eyes of other people.


  • Nelly said on October 9, 2009
    well said
  • Inga Prizevoite said on June 7, 2011
    Hello, I have a flower business in Twickenham/ Whitton area. Could you tell me more about using twitter for business. Many thanks, London Flower Net
  • James expert adviser said on June 8, 2011

    @Inga Prizevoite, you know when people need flowers so lookout for those emotions, target local tweets so that you can jump into it easily and offer them some discounts. This is real time and can boost your sales.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)


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