Brightstar Healthcare Franchise Info

Brightstar healthcare is a healthcare company that provides homecare, childcare, staffing and support services for families and individuals.

Brightsatar healthcare can provide any service that a nursing facility has, from taking care of the elders to providing child care services.

If you love taking care of other people, Brightstar healthcare is one franchise company that you should consider. In choosing any franchise company, it is important that you have passion with the things that the franchise company deals with.

Healthcare Opportunity

Before deciding to purchase a franchise with Brightstart Healthcare, it is important to know some statistics about the current population. Brightstar healthcare focuses more on the seniors segment of the population. Based on research, 75% of the country’s wealth is being controlled by the elders. This is where Brightstar Healthcare focuses on; taking care of the people who control most of the wealth of the country. Statistics shows that by the year 2012, there will be already over 40 million people who will reach the age 65.

In doing this type of business, you do not only help yourself in earning profit but also you help taking care of people who really are in need of healthcare services. This business will give you the opportunity to make an impact in your clients’ lives. Doing this business can also give you a good reputation in your community.

One of the many reasons on why Brightstar Healthcare has expanded to more than 125 locations nationwide is its effective business model.

Requirements and Qualifications

In order to be able to qualify as a franchisee of Brightstar Healthcare, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Although not necessary, it is an advantage to have a background or experience in healthcare field.
  • The total investment ranges from $102,000 to $184,000.
  • You should also have a net worth of at least $400,000.
  • During the first two years of the business, the owner or franchisee is required to have a full-time role in the business.
  • A vision in life and passion to help other people.

In doing this type of business, it is important that you have the passion in helping others because this is what the business if all about; providing healthcare services to people who in need of one.

Training and Support

Brightstar Healthcare doesn’t only provide an online seminar (or also known as webinar) but also provides its franchisee on-site training. This training program includes a 90-120 day training prior to the opening of the franchise. This training also includes a 4-day pre-opening on-site training and a 5-day training after opening the franchise.

The training program will help you to know the necessary or basic things you need to know in doing this type of business. Brightstar Healthcare provides a continuous support to its franchisees.


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