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According to the population profile, the rate of growth of the elderly population, or persons ages 65 and above has greatly exceeded the growth rate of the population of the country as a whole.

Some researches demonstrate that almost 90 percent of people wanted to retire on their own home or community.

The necessity for having a home healthcare is quickly increasing along with the growth of elderly population. A growing number of families are faced with the everyday test of looking for an excellent care solution.

Now, we present you some of the reason why you need to start a Home Healthcare Franchise.

  • Due to the advantageous aging population. The population profile shows that people ages 65 and above are now exceeding the population of children ages 5 and below. This statistic is continuously rising all over the globe. Nowadays, over 500 million people are on the age of 65 and above. This accounts to over 8 percent of the world’s population. When the year 2040 comes, the population of people ages 65 and above is assumed to rise by 160 percent whereas people ages 85 and above is assumed to rise by 233 percent. Because of this trend, the need for a high quality home healthcare and facility, as well as medical staffing, is greatly increasing.
  • You will make a difference. You will make things possible for many families, as well as their loved ones when you have a home healthcare and medical staffing franchise. In this way, you can show them that you care. It is one of those some businesses where you can experience greatness knowing that you change and an impact to the lives of other people. But not just on other people’s life but for your own as well. This way, you will be capable of giving back and becoming a good influence to other people and to your community.
  • The senior care and Homecare Industry are a successful business. Because the biggest and the greatest growing population belong to the seniors, you will have a great future for having a homecare industry. This sector of the population has the possibility to possess a greater than the average healthcare needs and demands. It is also increasing rapidly than the whole population, therefore increasing the need for home health services and other kinds of senior care.
  • This business is not influenced by recession. Because the population mostly consist of seniors, this also point out that 75 percent of the funds in the country is manipulated by the seniors. In view of this fact, we can say that there will be a constant growth of demand for quality health care.
  • Skills are least required. Having a medical experience is not really a requirement in order to put up a health care and medical franchise. Although superior leadership skills and excellence with a solid background on management sales is a must. The most important thing that you should have is the passion for success. You must also be caring and kindhearted.

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  • Biswajit Pattnaik said on August 22, 2012
    I need a franchise of a pathology. How can i get contacted with them. How can i know who is interested in doing business in odisha.


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