Becoming an Administrative Assistant

They are used to be called secretaries. But now, the title is no longer used because of the changing nature of the job.

Becoming an administrative assistant has now evolved into a very challenging job. Learn how to become one.

Administrative assistant used to be called secretary but because of the changing times and the nature of the job that entails in the position it is now called what it is today. Administrative assistant no longer boxed in doing responsibilities like answering and making calls, typing and steno but also has to deal with writing excellent letters down to photocopying volumes of papers.

If you are planning in becoming an administrative assistant, it is advised that you should at least think about this position and consider the responsibilities that lie ahead when you are already one. Not psychologically prepared to tackle the work overload of an administrative assistant you may soon face challenges like hating the world altogether. So it is important that you should at least have a strong conviction and knowledge of what it in becoming an administrative assistant before starting.

Here are some valuable tips that can help you in becoming an administrative assistant and be successful and happy with your position:

Credentials in Becoming an Administrative Assistant

As in all field of profession there are credentials that must be followed before one will hire you in becoming an administrative assistant. First and foremost, you should have at least completed your high school studies. Find schools that offer post-secondary education where they offer curriculum for administrative assistant. It helps if the school that you find has a high rate of making their students past the rigorous application in becoming an administrative assistant.

The Basics of Administrative Career

As mentioned earlier, administrative assistant used to be called secretary. So what you should learn as basic skills are phone etiquette, typing and writing. Since this is already the age of information technology, basics like knowledge on how to use the word professor like Microsoft Word and Excel is necessary. It is also necessary so some degree that you are familiar with the Internet (but if you are reading this article then the Internet issue is already solved).

Having good interpersonal communication skills is also necessary since you do not only have to relate to your immediate boss but also to the members of the firm.

Now when you are already on your first job in becoming an administrative assistant and want to pursue this career in long-term, the intelligent path to follow is to make yourself indispensible.


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