How to Become a Teaching Assistant

During the past several years, the numbers of students have increased rapidly. Teachers are also becoming wearisome on containing such numbers of students in the class.

This is where the role of a teaching assistant plays. And being a teaching assistant is a lot easier than one usually thinks.

Requirements of Becoming a Good Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants provide necessary services not only to the students but as well as the certified teachers. Their role in the educational process of a certain school is important. For these reasons, requirements on becoming a teaching assistant have become quite stricter but still manageable. It also varies as to what state you’re from. First common requirement of this particular employment is at least two years of college. Those having high school diplomas can also be employed as teaching assistant. However, for them to be employed, they should first take an examination. In this case, you may sign up for various examinations such as Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills Test (ATAS). This examination is being administered by the National Evaluation System Incorporation. Another tip, have an early registration in order for you to have time preparing for the exam. That way, you will certainly pass the exam.

Furthermore, there are also teaching workshops that you must attend. Have many as you can. This will add to your credentials which will give you an advantage to others. Be serious in selecting workshops. Make sure that the topics that will be discussed must concern with caring for children and dealing with them, child abuse and other related topics. Moreover, go to the nearest police station in your place and obtain a fingerprint. This is usually required in most schools. Others will even do a background check on you for academic and security purposes. Lastly, apply for certification of all these requirements and attach it with your application.

The Role of a Teaching Assistant

There is a common misconception that teaching assistants’ work is all about worksheets and grading papers. However, their tasks are much more varied and important than that. Teaching assistants help students and teachers as well. They help the classroom teachers give a quality education to their students. Also, their responsibilities vary according to the grade level and classroom setting they are assigned to. This usually includes preparing the classroom for daily activities and constructing the needed educational materials.

Most importantly, they interact with students. Typically, one of their daily activities is to tutor students who need most attention.

Normally, teaching assistants are found in grades school. This is due to the pressures of handling numerous children in one classroom. Children, as we know it, can sometimes be burdensome. They are hard to control because of their youthful imaginations and unlimited source of energy. This is where the help of a teaching assistant is very much needed. There are also special education students or those with defects which demands a lot more attention from a teaching assistant. In this case also, assistants have additional responsibilities compared to others.


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