Becoming a Production Assistant

Television jobs are very demanding. You are obliged to follow the courtesy call of your boss. You should be physically and mentally ready for the job.

This is a job title used in the film and television industry. You are responsible for the various jobs done in the production.

You are doing a job depending on the job description given to you by the production head. You are just bound to do the things you are told and no other jobs. If ever there are certain people in the production that seeks your help, make sure that you are done with your primary work to avoid a conflict with your production head. You are expected to be very attentive and be very efficient. You can’t afford to be lazy. This job is full of pressure and very demanding. Every minute of the day, you are moving and you tend to work with your feet. That’s why it is required for you to be physically healthy. You will be working during late hours. There are jobs offered to you that require you to think. You should have the knowledge on the job you are doing.

A production assistant is also assigned to some artists or actors in certain film productions. If this is your job order, then you are bound to work face to face with the actors and artists. This means, you become the personal assistant of the actor.

How to Be a Production Assistant?

You should polish and improve your communication skills. You have to be very competent when it comes to communicating with other people. Your job deals with more talking and more work every day. This also means that you should be psychologically prepared at work. From time to time, you will be handling jobs that you have to work with people who are very tack less. They may affect your job because they are affecting your emotion. You should practice to be hard on yourself because this job requires you to be on your highest level of work quality. In finding the job, you may look for job openings from television network sites. This is a good way of finding your dream job. Television networks usually have various programs. Through these programs, there will be a various job openings for production assistant hopeful like you. It is important that you have all the educational backgrounds needed upon applying a position in the television production.

As a starting point, you may apply as a freelance worker. Through this, you will have an overview of the kind of job you are entering and you will be able to practice it. Be flexible. Do not just stick your view on just being the production assistant. You should give way also to other types of jobs related to production assisting. In most cases, production assistants started with the related jobs based inside the television and film production. Make sure that you are really certain with your decisions. Once you entered the film and television industry, you are bound to stay because of the opportunities that may come your way.

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  • Brian McGowan said on July 9, 2013
    I would like to obtain information on how to freelance and or start a business as a production assistant. Specifically, securing parking on locations and providing assistance for film and television productions. Assuming most if not all major productions have their own parking PA's how can I enter the industry to offer this service. I would appreciate any and all advice given. Thanks, B McGowan.


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