Becoming a Franchisor

When one feels that their business is making a good enough profit to be considered as franchise –worthy, then one may very well turn to a franchisor.

Franchising a business will not only help others manage their own pre-established business but also bring in more profit for the franchisor.

Many people have their own businesses that were once brought together from scratch. Now however, these same businesses have made their own name across the financial market and therefore serve as a profitable share in the business world. Once this status has been obtained then the franchise owner may very well consider franchising his or her own business to gain more profit. With that business owners have to remember that to even consider franchising their own business, they must first be duly qualified. Franchising qualifications vary as per location and the law of the local government and should therefore be researched on properly before even considering franchising the business. It is also important to set up a franchise agreement and go through the business plan of the company so adjustments for franchising opportunities may be made. Permits and registrations should also be settled and if possible, all changes to documentation and legalities should first be reviewed and examined by an attorney at law, and an accountant since there will also be financial options that need be settled, especially if the franchisor is interested in providing financial aid to his corresponding franchise applicants.

Interested entrepreneurs usually have two options, either to start their own business from scratch, or to consider a franchise. The franchise option gives these entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own businesses with an already established brand name and business plan. Almost everything a person needs to learn about the business is included in the franchise agreement. It is practically spoon feeding a potential business owner into the management department. Becoming a franchisor also means providing the necessary paperwork to the interested party. They will need to know their options if once they consider a franchise with your company. Consider also that these options may be negotiable, all the more reason why contracts should be assessed with legal authority.

Start your franchise with the registration of your company trade name and all the brand and copyright papers. You will want to imprint your business as stable and under your control. It will also help if you have several branches and companies in operation in other locations so as to attract a wider array of interested franchisees. Also review the system you work by, this includes your business plan and system development, from there you will base your training and support program and ongoing support which is very important to keep your franchisees up to date with what is going on in the company, as well as other important changes you make. Another important factor to remember is your marketing program. You will want to keep things as uniform as possible to be clearly identified as a single unit, even if there are multiple independent managers involved.


  • minal butala said on January 10, 2011
    i am minal butala From India State maharashtra Dist. raigad city mahad we have our register NGO educational trust also if i wants to be franchiser of computer education then what top do for this
  • Philip Thomas said on January 13, 2011
    We can help you become a franchisor in India. We work on franchising in India, franchise development and expanding a business through franchising.
  • Brian Hewett said on August 21, 2011
    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia. We are looking to franchise our business in India. We have existed as a company for 16 years in Australia, and have just launched an online version, with has a little more in the way of services, due the versatility of the web. Given that the new offshoot of the company is not exactly the same as the original version of company (which continues to exist and under the same trade name), do we need to give financials for the new off-shoot or can we use the financials of the original offline version of the company? Australia need 12 months financials, and I'm yet to be informed comprehensively about this question. I wondered what the answer would be for India. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Brian Hewett
  • Reza said on December 3, 2011
    I've got MBA & like to be franchiser in Iran market. I appreciated to hearing from you. Thanks Tehran-Iran
  • Dave said on February 22, 2012
    I would like to be a franchisor in india, don't know where to start from? Please advise. Thanks, Dave Pinakin, USA
  • jessica manuel said on December 26, 2012
    Location: New Delhi, India. Looking for people who would like to franchise with me for a tour operating agency from their country. I have been in tourism for 25 years.
  • Kids fation / cothing for stores said on March 27, 2014
    I am looking or interested for putting my boy age 2 for the fashion parade clothing. Thanks Japhtya
  • urvashi said on May 2, 2017
    i want to franchise my clothing business in india starting with 5 lakhs..please help designing the detail plan...


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