Become Senior's Choice Franchisee

Becoming Senior’s Choice franchisee is always a good opportunity – especially because the caregiver industry is a very profitable business filed that any entrepreneur might want to explore.

Nevada-based corporation Senior’s Choice is a well-known company these days when it comes to providing in-home non-medical care for elderly people.

It has been properly introduced to the general public last 2007 and what’s great about them is that they started offering franchises to interested individuals that exact same year. As long as you will meet the standards and qualifications that they set, it will be possible to become Senior’s Choice franchisee. That means you will get to own the business and that you can operate it under the terms and conditions indicated under the membership agreement.

These days, there is no denying that offering services for senior citizens is definitely a good business idea. There is really a huge demand for these services and the statistics and reports will only attest to that fact. Most elderly people prefer to stay at home because it is a more relaxed setting for them. Besides, staying long at hospitals when recovering, for example, can be very expensive. Even family members are trying to avoid this route because of the fees that would need to be paid for it. As long as the doctor makes it clear that it would already be safe to stay at home, then that will be a lot better than staying there longer.

Now for those who are too busy to care for their elderly, the services of Senior’s Choice can be very valuable. Senior’s Choice is the main resource for anyone who wants to find trained professionals who would be able to handle the task effectively. You don’t want to settle for less when it comes to these matters. Besides, it will be your loved ones and you sure would want to provide the best services for them. With Senior’s Choice, you can have the assurance for that.

When you become Senior’s Choice franchisee, you will be able to receive extensive training so that you will know how the whole business works and what you can do to ensure that you get to provide quality service at the same time. First, you will be required to attend a four-day training seminar and you can bring along 2 other associates who will be part of the business with you so that they get the same training like you do. After that, you will also receive the Training and Operations Manual, The Caregiver Training Manual and many other readings and DVD’s. That way, you can also be effective when it comes to training other personnel that you will hire later on. Of course, this is highly essential for your business to succeed in this growing field.

On the financial aspect, you will need at least $34,000 to $52,000 for your total investment while the franchise fee would cost you for $25,000. What’s impressive about Senior’s Choice franchise is that they even give you a money-back guarantee meaning you can always get your money back once you find their offer to be unprofitable.


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