Become a Tennis Instructor

For you to become a tennis instructor, you may start by having the skill and interest in playing tennis.

And you may have it all legalized for you by registering yourself as a tennis instructor in the ways stated by your country in parallel to the rules declared by the International Tennis Federation.

Tennis is a very interactive sport that involves two opposing players or two groups of players with two members each.

The tools of the players in this game are the racket, tennis ball, and the net. The only two objects that they are required to hold on to are the rackets and the tennis ball. The rule for this game is to keep the ball in air by hitting it with the racket in many different strokes. Also, the rules will be implemented by an umpire or referee that is seated on a high chair overseeing the whole court as well as the players.

Tennis players are not able to learn the rules and techniques in playing tennis without the help of a tennis coach or instructor. Tennis instructors are not the type of workers that have instant group of employers to work for. Usually, they have individual clients to handle. And each client will pay their coach with a generous amount. That is why being a tennis instructor can be profitable once you know the right way to handle your clients with care. And of course, the skill that you must show must be really genuine for you to be trusted by your clients. If you are interested to become a tennis instructor, there are certain steps to be undertaken and legalities to be followed before you become one. It would help if you would try reading books and watching shows on tennis so you will have more idea on what you are going in to.

To start with, you must be a really skilled tennis player. Every tennis instructor must have had enough experience in playing tennis before actually being the one to teach tennis. It is basically a matter of teaching what you are excellent in doing. But sometimes as long as you know the different strokes and techniques, as well as the rules, it will be easy for you to find clients to teach tennis to.

But if you are having a hard time finding the right clients, you may start doing assistant jobs. These jobs mainly revolve around being a secondary coach for a team or for summer camps. Usually, summer camps would require numerous instructors for different sports. It means, you can easily have an experience in teaching tennis even if you are not the head coach. Don’t worry; starting at the bottom is a great way to go up.

Next, once you have had quite an experience already in doing assistant jobs, try looking for a place where you can actually teach tennis. You do not have to buy one area for your class. You can always go to any nearby tennis court, which is open to the public. But if you want some time for you and the client to work privately, you may also search for tennis courts that are privately owned that are charging minimal entrance fees. You are lucky if your client is rich enough to have his own tennis court in his backyard, then you wouldn’t have to worry where to do it. The teaching really matters for you to become a really sought after tennis instructor because it is like your classroom where you have to deliver your lessons everyday.

And of course, you must have the license and accreditation to become a tennis instructor. It is as stated by the International Tennis Federation. You must look for the requirements of your country or city about registering as a tennis coach. Some would require you to complete a certification program in order to be a licensed tennis instructor. And once you have completed all of the necessary requirements, you can easily go around and advertise your skills as a tennis instructor.f


  • Bonifacio V. Zafra said on October 13, 2010
    I am former national player in tennis when I was in college and now, for about 5 years after college, I'm handling/ giving a couple of Basic and advance tennis instructions and coaching. Now that I am in Jeddah KSA, tennis has become more "lovely and Lively"...but my problem is I have no license while in fact I could obviously compete my skills in teaching tennis. In this regard may i ask your favorable help/ assistance to acquire these necessary licensing documents. I have been browsing many sites for a Coaching registration but unfortunately there were none here in Jeddah KSA. Can I take this course possibly through online? May the our ever loving God continually gives you good health and blessings... Bonnie, Jeddah, KSA
  • Nada Hariri said on January 17, 2011
    I am looking for a tennis instructor for my nine year old son, i do not care if the instructor does not have a license, anyway it is not an easy task finding an instructor here in jeddah. so if any one interested please contact me through email
  • sue said on October 3, 2012
    Am seriously looking for a tennis instructor for 5 years old daughter , any help out there ?? my email is


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