How to Become a Football Referee

If you want to become a football referee, you need to be physically fit and you should pass the examinations given during a training course. Once you comply with these requirements, you will now face the demands of the job.

Being a referee requires dedication and commitment. With the right training, you can become one of the best referees.

If you love to watch football games, then you’re probably aware that the football referee is one of the most significant persons in the game. The football matches will result to anarchy without a referee to uphold the game’s laws. Being a referee can be hard but if you think you can take charge in an official game this is the best time to train yourself.

The Demands of the Profession

As a football referee, you need to have physically fit, have sense of humor, and a lot of commitment. Some say that this job is thankless. The audience and the players expect you to give the right decisions because if you make a wrong call, you’re going to be in trouble. If you really love football, you can become a referee as long as you pass these criteria – at least fourteen years old, physically fit, and have good eyesight. Once you pass the criteria, you can now contact the football association in your area so that you can obtain the details for the basic course. During the training, you will get the copy of the latest football laws. Pre-study is required before the classroom courses begin. The course will cover the laws of football, its application, an examination (written, video analysis, and on-field assessment), probation period, and the in-service training. You will need to complete these modules so that you can be awarded with the FA Certificate of Qualification. You can be promoted to Level 7 or 8 but this will depend on your age.


You will be introduced to the opportunities and benefits of refereeing. Once you learn the laws, you will put them into practice. The trainer will teach you self evaluation techniques and you will be conducting interactive activities on field. The examinations are given in three categories; make sure that you pass all examinations. Upon completion of these three modules, you are already treated as a level 9 referee but if you want to improve your skills, you will need to proceed to the probation period. You will be tasked to referee 6 11-a-side matches. Your performance in those games will be evaluated by a mentor and you. In the in-service training, you will study subjects like law application, recognizing offenses, communication, body language, management of situations/people, warm up and cool down techniques, fitness awareness, special programs, and an encouraging training.

You can earn $25,000 to $75,000 for every season with each season having sixteen games.


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    i enjoy the game of football in all fashions, I would love to REF football. i live in toledo, ohio and i know football season in in our mists so if u could get back to me that would be great. Exp played thru college ready to ref


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