“Become a Spy Agent”
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  • Patricia kelly said on April 8, 2015
    And I can pick a lock in a second I can fight I am very strong I can take a hit and don't complain I don't have any kind of needs I don't get sick and I am not two faced
  • muukari d said on April 10, 2015
    sup guys muukari d here mostly i'm also most 13 so soon its coming also i can rock climb and i can do good with a staff and bow and arrow mostly i mostly good with the staff i'm good with chemicals and computers please let me do some dangerous stuff like kick some guys butt or something and actually do you know zodiac sighs i want to be a sagittarius with red and black and can i get the sagittarius symbol on my shirt i would really be glad
  • cloakedhuman said on April 13, 2015
    Guys I'm from php.so expect me to be a Filipino. but I'm fluent on languages that I have learned.let me give u some info about me. i'm good at street fighting and knife throwing i'm also accurate in shooting.i search so many hardcore trainings to be ready on this job. i'm teen also and please inform me if there is an agency in the php. kikokills@yahoo.com
  • morgan said on April 29, 2015
    Hello i am morgan and i am 13 year old girl i am small and i live in USA, ND, Jamestown. i am small i could probably fit in a box if u want to know i can make good friends with almost anyone. (thank you anyways)
  • Anonymous said on May 10, 2015
    If you're really smart you wouldn't be telling people that you want to be a spy
  • Anonymous said on May 10, 2015
    I would love you be a spy because I'm in the junior gun pellet shooting program and always hit a 10.0 or higher. I can sneak out and in my house. We have really creaky floorboards. I can sprint extremely fast throw hard and I'm very sneaky:). I always make sure to put things back exactly where I saw them first. And I scared my mother so bad she started screaming and hitting me lol. I love guns knives and stuff like that. And I do want to be a surgeon but I also want to be a spy and I can't choose. I'm super quiet and I always make sure that I don't get to attached to things or people. To me this website is for people that want to brag or something like that but I'm being completely serious
  • Cameron Hill said on May 11, 2015
    I live in rockwood Tennessee i think i would be a good spy because i am good at gymnastics and i'm ten
  • katy said on May 20, 2015
    hi my name is katy and I am 12 I would love to become a spy because it has been one of my dreams to and I can run fast, smart, grate at climing, hiding and hiding how I am, I am good at mathes, science, good at English and I am 10 times better with my friend tegan how wants to be a spy as well as me, please email me.
  • Mukund said on May 20, 2015
    i am a hacker can locate others information i can pretend also very well
  • Ruth said on May 21, 2015
    Hi my name Ruth and am 11 but turning 12 this year I have always wanted to be an agent (or a spy) because I'm code at running, stealing things, hiding reading and writing and I can also fight very well, i've tried making groups but I don't have enough friends so I really want to be in a real company so please except me for I am longing to be one. Ruth
  • Ruth said on May 21, 2015
    Hi my is Ruth and I live in new Zealand and the city is called Auckland since I was 4 I used to play agent games and spy kid games now I am 11 but turning 12 this year I have always wanted to be a agent (or a spy) because its just what want to be. I'm good at using computers, fighting, reading, writing, running, and stealing things without nobody seeing so I would really love to be in this company please accept me for I really like doing this kind of job. Your, Ruth
  • Neo said on May 26, 2015
    Hi. I'm 12 (going on 13.) I'm really good in math. My friends say that I have hard punches. They also say I'm the quiet one in the group. I could be a good spy because I can learn things very quickly, I have a sorta-good memory, and I do some spying at home. (I know some stuff I'm not supposed to know.) I'm good at hiding things, mostly secrets. I think being a spy would be very cool. I am also good with weapons, mostly guns. (My accuracy is perfect, but my aim... eh, could be better.)
  • Neo said on May 26, 2015
    I want to add a few more things. I am a good climber. I'm also a good swimmer, but I can't swim long distances. I would be happy to work anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.
  • Neo said on May 26, 2015
    Hi. I'm good in reading, also. I can LEARN (not know) new languages, I'm already learning French. I can learn how to hack. I can sing. Please accept me! I live in (forgot, can't tell you.) Email me if you want to talk more about me.
  • Neo said on May 26, 2015
    I am a straight A student.
  • Anusha Mathur said on June 1, 2015
    My name has been told it is not to be hidden I want to do something for my world. It's not my dream it's my future. I need this job for any cost. I am a kid but that won't stop from being a spy.
  • Kira George said on June 2, 2015
    I'm am only twelve but trust me I can kick some good ass. I've always wanted to be a spy/agent but my family doubts that I can do it because I'm a girl (talk about being sexist!!). I have handled guns, bow and arrows and well of course knives. I live in Barrington NH in the U.S. I'm in middle school but if I could do this that would be a dream come true. Honestly if I were being attacked by a guy I would shoot em where the sun never shines!! If someone ever says I "can't" do something I pretty much have a passion for showing them up on that. I want to live for an ACTUAL reason and be remembered. I mean I don't want my Moto to come true. (L.S.A.T.Y.D. Life Sucks And Then You Die.) I've had a sucky life and it wouldn't matter if I got into fight cuz I'd just take all that pain and anger and throw it right at them. My sister and I when we were younger used to do like little fake fights and beat each other up that is how I learned self defense. And I have two bow and arrows honestly that is not my specialty but I can still kick some ass when I want to. So anyway I would really want this dream to come true and it not just be a waist of a life and die and not a a fucking purpose. Oh yeah I'm also like really good at climbing. I purposely fa out of trees to get the thrill in my lungs and sadly I basically always have broken toes. Lol if my dream doesn't come true then I have NO IDEA what I will do when I get older. I really want to get some experience in this. So yeah I guess you can see I'm pretty passionate about this. And I'm also a girl and almost in seventh grade.
  • Kira George said on June 2, 2015
    I can also sneak around and spy like nothing other. I'm pretty unique and what is good is no one suspects anything when I do it. I know stuff I probably shouldn't but hey why not? As long as ppl don't know it I'll be good lol I can take pain I mean I've endured so much I don't even feel it any more.
  • Jermaine simon said on June 6, 2015
    Hi my name is jermaine I live in Tucson AZ. USA I really want to become a spy I don't wait around for gadgets I use what I have
  • alexandria said on June 9, 2015
    I am starting karate and I am 11 years old
  • alexandria said on June 9, 2015
    I can sneak around without anyone knowing that I am there
  • classified said on June 15, 2015
    hey my address and name are classified but i am 11 i am extremely good at fighting been training since i was 5 or 6 i am very flexible, stealthy, i am good at climbing trees, great at swimming and attached to the other side (spirits) I am great at stealing/borrowing something and lieing and i have always wanted to be a spy
  • Shelby said on June 24, 2015
    Hi i'm shelby i live in Hoven SD. I am almost 10 and i can run really fast, i can sneak around, and i have awesome Moves. My mom thinks its not appropriate for a young lady. I am really good at dressing appropriate for the mission. I made up my own agency but i am the only one in it. I guess if i had to choose a suit, i would have a blue/red suit. With a symbol of The Pheonix on it. Plz except me!!
  • Shelby said on June 24, 2015
    Yo you already know my name. Im almost ten and i want To be a spy/agent. I love animals, i have good moves, i had some experience with a knife but my mom caught me. If i feel scared, i could kick some serious ###! I know a lot of what im not supposed to. You dont want to here THAT though! And im actually a spy. If i had to pick a suit, it would be blue and red. It would have a symbol of The Pheonix on it. So plz accept me im also a hard studier. Im good in school except for math and English.
  • Nakyiah said on June 25, 2015
    Hi! I Am 13 years old. I've been dreaming on being a spy ever since I was 10. I've taught myself skills on being quick..I've been practicing with my cousin on fighting. But she doesn't know that I wanted to be a spy. I taught myself karate just to practice on being a spy...And I've been working really hard on protecting myself from enemies. For example:fights at school. I use karate and my quick skills to get at the enemy. I'm in Texas (US) This has been my dream...People judge me by my name or my hair or other things...But they don't know what skills I Have
  • Khullakpa said on July 9, 2015
    Hey :) i m frm manipur north eastern side of india(but i hate indian)blah blah. . .i m 16 and i want to be a spy skills:
    1) trained in mma(mix martial arts)for self defense
    2) also trained to be a silent ninja
    3) can influence people in believing
  • Khullakpa said on July 9, 2015
    North eastern side of india, manipur imphal city
  • Alan Sam Varghese said on July 9, 2015
    my name is Alan i wants to become a spy . I am from India Kerala Alleppy Haripad
  • Isabela Barbosa said on July 11, 2015
    Is writing on this site begging or trying to persuade someone, going to get me anywhere, where I want to be, honestly? Female, age 15, weight 120, height 5'2.
  • Jade Martin said on July 25, 2015
    Jamestown N.C
  • Lee said on August 9, 2015
    Greeting mom, sir. I'm lee. Since I was a child I really wanted to become a spy. Yes I'm still young yet it's my dream to become a spy. Hoping that I will become a spy someday.
  • Wendy Nunez said on August 10, 2015
    My name is Wendy, I live in London and I want to become a spy agent. The reason I want to become one is that I want to be somebody and believe that anything is possible. I want to face all my fears and have more courage. Learn new stuffs and understand more of it. I am good at computer and maths but I want to learn about weapons and how to use it and bond with it. It may be dangerous and I can get scared however that's life and I need to accept it. I like to be more like a weapon myself.
  • Punith said on August 16, 2015
    I like to become an agent
  • Annaleise barber said on August 17, 2015
    Hi so my name is Annaleise I have always wanted to be a spy today I even asked my mum in a few days if we could go to target so I could get a backpack and put survival things in there incase there is a fire so I could get the animals and get out of the house and we have a lot of bushland so I could hide the bag in there and then I tell my parents to follow me and then we could go and find the backpack and we would have some food and blankets and things like that. I am smarter than my grades are when it come to animals I am great I have great hearing and I know when someone if following me I also live in Brisbane so any Australian spy's if you are Interested in me just email me I also have another email and that is the same one up the top but just iCloud.com Please think about it I would be great I am also a great listener and I follow directions very easily.
  • Annaleise barber said on August 17, 2015
    Also my nana died and I want to show her the things that I can do and nobody else can stop me from doing that I have been through so much and I need to get rid of my anger and depression I'm sick of it I even tried to kill myself and my brother I need to do things for Australia I don't care if I die because I will be with my nana and God it would be an honour if I could be a spy
  • Sheckx said on August 18, 2015
    I am from Zimbambwe i want to be a spy also a secret agent
  • Dominic cross said on September 10, 2015
    Being an agent or a spy is not like in the movies. You dont get gadgets that can make you fly or climb 30 story buildings... a spy just collects information and reports it back to the person who hired you. I'm from cape town, South Africa
  • charlotte said on October 23, 2015
    Hi...I'm 15 years old..my dream is to become a spy, because I want to be strong and protect people from bad people.So I entered taekwondo, boxing and judo to have a self-defense,and also to protect my father.If i reach this dream,i will do my best to be a good spy and a good person.I will do anything to become a spy.-philippines-
  • Abilash said on November 25, 2015
    Hi I am Abilash call me RV I want to be spy I live in India.
  • Nikky Gomez said on December 6, 2015
    Hi I'm 12 and I want to spy. I'm strong and active, and sometimes I pretend that my brother is a bad guy and I tackle him to the ground then rap his hands behind his back in a second and well kick his butt. I would do anything to be a spy!
  • Preston Karanja said on December 7, 2015
    Am Preston from Kenya Mombasa.I want an organization or i wanna be a spy here n solve the evil in these City
  • Lily Rixon said on January 12, 2016
    Hi, I'm Lily and I'm 13 years old. I'm part of the police however I really want to be a spy. I'm a fast runner and love athletics! I live in England, Devon. I can speak English, German and I'm learning French and Russian! I'll be 14 this year, I love to work with other people. I think I could be fit to be a spy agent. I did karate and lots of dance and even gymnastics. Thank you!
  • Haren Poovaiah said on January 13, 2016
    Hello am from south India Karnataka COORG i am 18 years old I know 7 different languages I am 5.6 ft I ave had enough of this normal boy stuff I need something to out myself in use of something good ! I have the blood of a warrior !please contact me !
  • ALAN said on February 2, 2016
    Hai, i want to be spy or agent for the intelligence bureau in India. I am 17 years old and i would really want to be a spy. I'm from kerala in India. please give some information and please guide me for my career i want.
  • nick said on April 10, 2016
    I live in big rapids Michigan and I am ten years old and I am not scared easy.
  • joseph said on April 16, 2016
    gud day am from nigeria i want to bcum a spy dat is my dream am gud in fighting torkwando pls i really need dis job plz email me on josephshilo80@gmail.com my parent always want me to bcum a spy
  • Mthokozisi Stanley Makhathini said on April 26, 2016
    I am interested in becoming an Agent, I have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. smart and interested in taking mission of spying. I am currently 24 this year. from South Africa city of Durban.
  • Valerie D. FerstL said on May 7, 2016
    Hello, I'm Valerie D. ferstL. i'm 18 already 18 years old who wants to be a real spy. I live in magliba San Fabian pangasinan and I was born on April 23, 1998. I am good at tracking most person's personal information. I'm also training martial arts at home by myself and training a part time taekwondo on Lupon dagupan. I'm very quiet good enough reading written and verbal communications and I love speaking or talking to someone in different languages in social media. I'm really looking for a job available for me but I choose to be a spy. Please chat me back if I'm in. I love solving missions secretly as my hobby at school. You can call me koumori A. Tsukoki as my facebook identity or Zhen W. Hauler as my Yahoo Identity.
  • Nau Cung said on May 24, 2016
    I live in janakpuri, New Delhi and i am good in muay thai. i want it secret.
  • Manoh ms said on May 27, 2016
    Hi I am manoh in chennai in Tamil nadu please I want to become a spy support me.
  • Chase said on July 3, 2016
    MY dreams was to be a spy and at Going under cover kiking some but
  • Unknown said on July 9, 2016
    I believe I have the ability to become a spy, even if I do not have the experience. I know four different languages at this point, I am very good with technology. Gilbert, AZ.
  • jezreel base said on September 4, 2016
    also i am good at taekwando and i want to learn more so please let me join you
  • joshua p shirsath said on October 1, 2016
    I want to become a spy .I am good in fighting i can defet more than 10 oponents i can do my best to complete the mission that i have got . i have always watch many wrong things that happens in our country .i am from india, maharashtra ,ahmednagar nagapur ,gundcha colony . please make me a spy in real.if yes please contact me on these no. 7385610486 .i am excited to become a spy kid .my age is 16 .dob . 24/3/2001
  • Catherine lopanza said on October 9, 2016
    i am 15. i want to apply in an agency as a teenage spy am in high school and want to achieve my dream of being an agent and be a great importance to my nation.
  • -Unknown- said on October 12, 2016
    Hi My name will go unknown for now I'm only twelve but I really want to be a spy I know more than things than other kids I have a high iQ but I really hate the fact that u have be over 18 I even know how to use all decode almost every type of code used by spies I use my usernames mainly in code so that way only people who know the code will know my name I know u get recruited in stuff but I want to start early I also know how to stay calm during situations other kids wouldn't and I am a fast learner I want to become a spy to prove my self to adults if I can change the way people think about kids that would be all I could ask for I accept the fact that I'm still under 16 but I have always dreamt of being an agent because it's everything I'm good at other people call me weird because I try to stay up to date with everything going on with the government I'm also a really good actor I have over 627 fake names but if I get recruited i know my real name and will share if needed only though my school knows my name well most of my school does and my friends and family I also know at least 5 personal things about almost everyone in my school but only about 1% of my schools knows be kinda freaky I know but I get bored i do have a large group of friends but my school is kinda of big
  • -Unknown- said on October 12, 2016
    If any spy agencies/agents are reading please contact me at my gmail [j03king77@gmail.com] I know I Said I use coding for my usernames this is just a fake gmail that I use for games and spy stuff
  • Gabe said on October 31, 2016
    Hi, i am 14. I am not going to say my name because that's a good spy the reason why want to be a spy is to help people not because of all the cool stuff it's to help people
  • Agent Peters said on November 14, 2016
    Hello, I am a 12 year old who is highly trained in all sections of martial arts, i am very observant, good at blending in and I'm very smart. Any ideas where I can get my forts mission from?
  • Secret agent said on November 30, 2016
    Hi my name is natalia I live in London Ontario Canada and I want to become a spy here
  • Grace Ghomo said on December 2, 2016
    Hi..am 22 and becoming a spy or secret agent has be my dream since when i was a kid but i have always wondered how to become one. I need to help fulfill what i have always wanted. Thanks
  • nikolas said on December 15, 2016
    Hi i'm Nikolas and i'm 10 years old. Can a 10 year old become a spy
  • Elexa Rexie L. Guinto said on January 27, 2017
    hi James my is elexa, guinto I live on the phillipines on my house 154 A.V. Cruz kalawaan pasig city I want become a spy on real life, Love,elexa, And mine using tablet on my sister
  • lehlogonolo said on March 30, 2017
    my name is lehlogonolo. i would like to be a spy kids. so can u sent me an information on how to join spy kids agency.
  • mackallea said on November 13, 2017
    id like to be an agent in council bluffs
  • Bala Sidarthan M said on January 8, 2018
    hi i am bala sidarthan 14 years old. I want to work as a spy. my gmail is mbalasidarthan1404@gmail.com. i am good in making gadgets. please..
  • James said on February 13, 2018
    Hi I have always dreamed of being a spy I am really smart I am good with technology and I can be like a ghost half the time my parents don't even know where I am and I could be in front of them I am also mentally and kinda physically strong my dad is a veteran so I know a lot about strategy and skill I also know how to fight and outsmart others I am really advanced even though I am only 14 years old and I am really Interested if you need to contact me my email is Jamesmcisaac0913@gmail.com I hope you will accept me and if you do I promise to not let you down by the way I live in south Carolina.USA.
  • lamilex said on February 25, 2018
    i am dying to be a spy
  • Badoo said on March 25, 2018
    Hi, i Am a Nigerian Army soldier, how can I become a secret agent.
  • KL said on March 31, 2018
    Hi KL is not my real name I am 11 year old ( turning 12 soon) I can't tell you my personal things, but I am a good actor and all my plans works like pranks or surprise. I am athletic play lots of sports. I've been wanting to be a spy since I was a kid. I am good at solving riddles or problems.
  • aknni oluwatobi said on June 13, 2018
    hi, am lyon black. i want to become a spy agent
  • marylin said on October 18, 2018
    Hi..It miss Ryry. I'm 16 y/o. I stay in malaysia... And i'm wanna be a spy. It is my dream since i was a kid. And plus i think i can be the better the one. I know to be spy kinda be hard. And need sacrifice when you become a spy. I just want to make sure that i can protect my own country even i'm just a little girl. I want to prevent crimes. i know if want to prevent crimes, i should become a police officer. But i don't want. If you guys trained me properly. I'm sure i can make you guys proud. Dont worry about who i am. Even i'm looking kinda weak in people eyes. THat makes me special. They did not know me. They thought i'm weak even i'm not. I wish i can be spy... - my ryry
  • Jennifer said on January 11, 2019
    Hi. I'm Jennifer. I'm 13 years old. I am from France, but we moved to the USA. I would love to be a spy. It is my only dream. I am very very very good at Math, but I'm trying hard in science. I act quick, I like doing a lot of push up. I like sports. I do track. Btw I am very sneaky. And, I also want to save the world. I also love gadgets they're so cool. I don't let ppl down. Even if I do I always find a way to make it up to them. So I would love to be an agent or spy. Whatever u decide. Thank u
  • Jennifer said on January 11, 2019
    And I am also a straight a student. My father always tells me to perseverate. So perseverate
  • issac said on October 10, 2019
    I am great with stealth and fighting and I am 12. I live in Memphis TN
  • danielle said on March 21, 2020
    I want to become a spy anywhere and am good at puzzles, fighting, and sneaking.
  • danielle said on March 21, 2020
    I am also good at finding out info. I am 12 almost 13. I do a lot of sports(I'm a girl btw) and am really good at faking out people. I had wanted to be a spy since I was almost 2 when I watched the movie spy kids. please help me become a spy P.S I like building my own gadgets at home with simple everyday things
  • Marvellous said on June 2, 2020
    Hi, my name is marvelous. I am 16 yrs of age want to be a spy and am good with gadgets and other stuff like that. If you pick me I will be loyal to you people
  • Nontokozo said on June 16, 2020
    Hi! I'm nontokozo live in eskhawini and I'm 16 years old ever since I was 11 yrs I love to become a spy. I also have the skills and ability to become a spy. I'm a quiet person who loves to solve difficult problems or solutions.
  • Aleeta said on July 11, 2020
    Hi my name aleeta and I would like to be a spy because I want tech I live in Springfield Mo
  • Liseli said on September 11, 2020
    Hello am liseli from Zambia and I want to be a spy cause I want to find out about my sister's killer and want to learn more about this job I don't care if you can take me anyway to study I don't mind. Pliz I need this job
  • Kamohelo said on September 30, 2020
    My name is kamohelo litelu, I live in South Africa and I am 12 years old, this can sound like I am lying but now bad things will happen but people don't believe me so I want this job, please.
  • sharon said on October 15, 2020
    Hi, my name is Kai. I am 15 years. My whole life, I have been wanting to become a spy. I am an athletic girl who is mysterious. I hope I can be a secret agent one day
  • Amore klassen said on August 18, 2021
    Hey, im Amore and I'm super fast, sneaky, and a very active and fit person ...I have good aim and am very good at fighting.IM good at science and math, and I have perfect eyesight ...I think Im Im fit to be a spy agent.


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