Bartending Ideas

During the early decades, bartending was simple task wherein liquor was purchase and sold, now things are not same anymore.

Bartending these days is more than just serving drinks, it is now considered as a profession wherein an expert bartender serves and show some acts or skills on serving drinks to people.

Why Bartending?

Bartender is now becoming an important part of such events like weddings, corporate events and other special occasions. It provides entertainment wherein the guest of such events will enjoy while being served by drinks. Bartender is not just common in bars or restaurants as the way they are before. That is why if you have some skills in bartending, it can be your extra job or full time job at night.

Willing to Work in Front of People

As a bartender, it requires you to work in front of many people, so it is very important that you are willing to handle your job while many people are watching. Be sure that you love entertaining people because bartending can be an entertainment especially if you are an expert one. It is surely many events will get your service as bartender.

Build Relationship with Customer

Another effective bartending idea is you have to know that building a relationship or rapport with the customer is very significant. Learn to know his or her likes or dislikes you need to remember their preferred drinks. This makes them feel important and special. They will surely leave you a reasonable tip. Always be cordial to your customer because this will add another relationship with them. If you are not in duty, it would be nice if you can talk to the customers, so that they can feel more special.

Extra Income

If you have the plans of working as bartender, remember that the pay is superior and tax free. Generally of freelance bartender, they get paid after their shift. If you have regular job then it will nope also affect your regular employment. This is best if you want an extra income too. In fact, you can also work during weekends only, so it will not ruin your schedule.

Plan Ahead

Being a bartender is not easy especially if you lack some knowledge and skills. So it is very helpful if you will plan ahead before you start. You will need to hone your bartending skills first before you can begin. If you have just few knowledge in bartending, it would be ideal if you can enroll yourself in a program or course that offered by a school or college. As you know these programs are very ideal to help you polish your skills and knowledge. Aside from these skills, it is very significant to know the bartending tools or equipments too.


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