Business Continuity Plan Risk Assessment

The real definition of disaster is the hindering or delaying the normal function of day to day activities. Some disasters cannot be controlled but others can, especially the ones that are manmade disasters.

It actually means stopping the usual process of technology for about 24-48 hours or more.

Disaster Can Affect the Business

Included in the typical disaster are hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, fire and others that can damage the data center and the business facilities. If these disasters take place, it may need for the business to follow the business continuity plan, which can actually help the business to stand up again and resume its normal operation and processes.

Disaster Declaration Criteria

There are actually certain criteria that can be identified as the activities that could rationalize on declaring the disaster such as the actual or probable danger to the safety of human in a certain facility, actual or probable danger to the equipments and the building itself and the requirement to transfer the facility to other area.

Purpose of Business Continuity Plan

One of the main purpose of business continuity plan is to record the procedures, personnel and other resources needed to recover every department that is following the disaster or kind of disruption. Another purpose is to define the procedure for activation and notification of vendors, customers and employees. Also, to define the recovery processes for non-critical and critical business operations in an alternate location. Another purpose is to permit the company to stand for the industry best practices for protecting confidentiality, availability and integrity.

The business continuity plan may be created in the office or by the aid of third party to make plans for you. In case you have employee resources to help you, it will be nice to use that chance. It is also very ideal to use the complete enterprise contingency plan template suite that can surely help the business to assess the continuity of the business. This might be time consuming because of the resources that you will be going to employ.

Assistance of Third Party

If you will hire a third party that will help you plan an effective business continuity plan risk assessment, your workers would still need to spend time in project as they need to accomplish the template for their work.

Why It is Important?

Natural disasters cannot be avoided and no matter how careful you are in protecting your facility, it may still be affected tremendously. That is why, it is very important for each and every business owner to consider making business continuity plan ahead. This can help them to have a guide on how the company will run despite of the disaster that can affect the normal process of a business.


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