Average Office Space per Employee

In every office, there is an allotted office space for every employee because of the fact that the space must be maximized.

If you are planning to put up your own office, this article will provide you with the basic knowledge. So, just continue reading.

In accordance with the report of Berkley, an employee is allotted 150 s.f. for an office space. On the other hand, GSA reports that there is a total of 230sf rentable space in the office for every person. Now, if you are in need of a space for your business, the number one question you need to ask yourself is how much space you need.

How much Office Space do you Need

Based on officefinder.com, you will be able to estimate 175-250 square feet for every employee. Now, if you are planning to put up very large executive offices, of course the need for adding the square footage is more required. Typically, the presidential offices range from 150-400 sq. ft. However, the range of the administrative and secretarial space range is from 60-110 square feet.
You should also not forget about meeting the room space. In the conference room, there should be a 25-30 square feet for every person for the arrangement of the traditional conference. If you would like to have a theater or classroom style setup, you need to estimate 15 square feet for every person.

The reception area must also accommodate the receptionist and the number of people that you estimate to enter it at a given time. Now, if you estimate that there will be from 6-9 people that will wait in the reception area, make sure that you have at least 300 square feet. If you just intend to accommodate 3-5 visitors, then what you need is 200 square feet.

The following are the additional factors that you need to also consider in estimating the square footage: general storage, mail rooms, break rooms, library space and filing area as well. Depending upon your needs and uses, the space of these areas will definitely vary. Fro the filing cabinets, you need to have at least 7 square feet for every cabinet. In the library, you also need to account for people your media shelving. When it comes to the people-space, the square footage can be estimated at 15 square feet for every person for sitting at meeting rooms, libraries and break rooms.
In the planning process, you need to do it accordingly for transient workers and telecommuters as well.

To help you determine your office space needs, there are several websites that will provide you with guidelines. The space calculator is the number one tool that they use. By looking for the right website that will guide you, you will no longer have to worry.


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