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Adult Day Services allows for a safe haven and place of refuge for the elders of our families.

They will be able to socialize with other seniors as well as receive all their health and therapeutic necessities.

The Adult Day Services franchise was first established alongside the creation of the company in 2003 and has 4 franchise units to date. They provide all the necessary activities of daily living and clients at the Adult Day service may also request for special help or assistance to any of their needs. With people growing more and more in need of assistance in the caring of their elderly loved ones, busy people entrust the elderly to Adult Day Services. It is at these institutions that quality service and therapeutic procedures are followed to ensure that the client is comfortable and healthy.

There will be around 53 millions people that are over 65 years by the year 2020 and at least one out of five Americans over the age of 65 in 2010. It is because of this statistical proof that people tend to be too busy to assess the increasing needs of their elderly loved ones. This is why the Adult Day Services franchise is an excellent opportunity, not only because of the statistical benefits but also because of the fulfilling feeling franchise owners achieve knowing that they are helping elderly family members get back on their feet and just enjoy. Contrary to popular belief that these institutions wait the elderly on hand and foot, Adult Day Services differs in such a way that the client is allowed to utilize and improve on his own energy and strength through day to day activity. It is therapy such as this that sets apart the Adult Day Services from other adult homes in the country.

The initial cash investment necessary is around $40,000 and the total investment necessary is from $65 000 to $137 500. The franchise fee is $25 000. There is no initial need to be well educated in managing a business however it is preferable and an advantage. It is also best to familiarize oneself with what an adult nursing home is all about. Our professional training staff will assist you in the requirements you will need to initiate our proven business model. If you are interested in our Adult Day Services Franchise, simply fill in the form at our website and we will contact you to arrange for a meeting. Upon approval of all the stated information there are certain things to consider such as the location of the business. Our staff will happily guide you through the necessities and factors that should be considered in selecting a site for the business. Through our on site training you will discover many different ways to apply our business model and marketing strategies. The franchise allows the franchise owner to not only engage in a profitable business with a proven income rate, but also to apply certain modifications and their own strategies in starting up the business. If there are any questions or concerns that the franchise owner will need help in assessing with, they may simply contact or call the staff that will gladly assess all their needs.


  • Hugo Anzures said on July 24, 2010
    I am the general manager of Joy of life (Adult day services project) I am located in Mexico City and I am looking for a master franchise of adult day centers to be launched in Mexico. I as your help to contact adult day center franchises interested in this market
  • LALWANIS said on April 27, 2014
    WANT to start FRANCHISE AT Institutional Area Block-D Janak Puri New Delhi 110058 Tel: 88263 70014


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