Starting an Exhibit, Event Organizer Business

Almost all of us have attended, if not actually participated, an exhibit of some kind. Exhibits are affairs focused on a certain theme such as food exhibit, wedding exhibit, or even jobs as job fairs.

The objective of exhibit is to promote the theme and to give the people involved in the particular theme like selling products and services related to food, wedding or searching applicants for different jobs, a venue to promote their wares and people to openly choose suppliers or even sponsors.

Organizations are the usual sponsors of exhibits. However, the success of an exhibit depends on the exhibit organizer.

The exhibit organizer is responsible for creating the event’s master plan. Before the start of the event, the exhibit organizer coordinates with the different entities involved in the exhibit like the organizers, to find out how they like the event to look, where the event will happen and the dates; and the suppliers of the venue, caterers, advertising company for promotional activities, etc., making sure everything needed is ready and available.

On the day or days of the exhibit, the exhibit organizer observes the event, from the first activity, if there’s any, to the closing of the show. The success of the event is very dependent on how very well the exhibit organizer coordinated with everyone involved and how many people show up to participate or attend the exhibit.

    Specifically, the exhibit organizer is in charge of the following activities before and during the event:
  • Official banners and streamers
  • booth/space allocation for exhibitors
  • promotion before and during the exhibition
  • design and ordering of tickets and other materials
  • payment terms and condition both of exhibition participation and attendees
  • cancellation fees and charges of exhibitors and attendees
  • exhibitor’s badges and attendee’s ids
  • public viewing, if there’s any
  • manning of booths
  • registration for both exhibitors and attendees
  • official event secretariat
  • official freight forwarders, if needed
  • janitorial services during the event
  • setting up and closing down of exhibit

There are actually firms who measure the success of an exhibit. An exhibit organizer’s success rate is very important in finding new gigs. Is this career one for you? People who love working with other people, who have high interpersonal skill, organized and works well under extreme pressure are people who succeed in this business. A good deal of contacts in different industry is a good starting point in this trade. It is also best if an aspiring exhibit organizer takes an on the job training on it to learn the rope around an actual exhibition and read a lot of research report and surveys on exhibition organizing for insights on trends and what to focus on.


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