How to Start a Jewelry Business

Are you dreaming of starting your own jewelry business? This article offers tips on designing jewelry. But knowing how to make jewelry is not enough. This article also offers tips on starting and running a jewelry store business.

Being a jewelry designer is so much fun. For starters, you get to be creative in your career and you get to interact with all sorts of interesting people.

A jewelry business has two aspects:

The design aspect. Jewelry makers are artists in their own right. They create beautiful pieces of wearable art virtually from scratch. They also possess the artistic sensibility to create jewelry pieces and accessories that other people would want to wear and be seen wearing.

Traditionally, jewelries and accessories like brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, rings, and so on are made out of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum etc. They are decked either by precious gems like diamond, emerald, pearls, turquoise etc. or by semiprecious gems like Swarovsky crystals, rhinestones etc. Jewelries and accessories can also be made out of less traditional materials like glass beads, leather, plastic beads, brocade fabric etc. There is no limit to the kinds of material a designer can use. Everything will rely upon his or her imagination and creativity.

The goal jewelry makers must strive for is to set themselves apart from other jewelry makers. When designing jewelry, they must make sure the pieces they create are as unique and as original as possible. The aim is to create jewelry pieces that are distinctly stamped with their own brand of style.

It is also vital for a jewelry and accessories designer to continually develop his or her skill set. The art of jewelry designing is a constant learning process. Creativity and imagination alone will not suffice; talent and skill must accompany the two. It is only with talent and skill that one can turn a design concept into tangible reality.

The marketing aspect There are several ways to sell jewelry. You can host gatherings at different homes similar to what Avon and Mary Kay are doing. You can also sell directly at crafts fairs, wholesalers, gift shows, flea markets, sales distributors, and so on.

If you have the financial capability to rent store space, make sure the location you choose (whether it a kiosk, mall unit, or freestanding structure) is situated in a highly visible and accessible area.

Another option is the internet. You can use the web as your point of sale. Create or have a professional help you create a website that has e-commerce capabilities. Having a website means having a convenient avenue for you to promote your products to a wider range of customers. Make sure your product line is vast and varied to catch the attention of an equally vast and varied clientele.

But wait, before you can embark on an aggressive marketing campaign, you need to have a name to call your business. Choose a name that is catchy and can successfully put across the theme and specialization of your business. Your business name should also be original. In other words, nobody else is using it. Visit the US Patent Trademark Office to check if the name you favor is already taken. If not, have the name registered to ensure that nobody else can use it but you.

Finally, before you get the ball rolling, acquire the necessary permits and licenses needed to operate a business in your city or state.

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