“How to Start Mobile Catering”
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  • arunkesavanathan said on August 5, 2014
    i am arun from chennai. i am a caterer. i want to new canteen for run.any vacant in hospital canteen, college canteen, company canteen, food court. pls contact us.only from chennai place only. we are under taken from 100 to 500 pax. pls contact my company phone number 8903257934. email id= ukarun2009n@yahoo.com.
  • prasad said on August 6, 2014
    i want to start mobile tiffin center in hyderabad. where i can purchase the entire unit.
  • ROSE MATHEW said on August 8, 2014
    I'm residing near the Medical college Trivandrum, kerala. I would like to start a food truck business here with multi cuisine. Can you please tell me whether it is a feasible business and what would be the cost for starting one which is very hygienic?
  • john arakal said on August 10, 2014
    Hey I would like to start mobile kitchen in Mumbai (Maharashtra) can some one plz help
  • Ria said on August 16, 2014
    Looking for Equal Partnerships-Ambitious, Good in Sales, Planning & Marketing, Hardworking, Wanna-be Entrepreneurs.

    Let me be a little more specific about the biz- It is a food biz. with an entirely new concept and sales, starting small, low-budgeted, but with out-of-the-box marketing plan. Getting an excellent cook is number 1 priority. Ultimate plan is to make it so popular that we can start franchisees or sell out for a huge profit.

    I am looking for loyal, honest, willing-to-give-it-all people who are open to new and fresh business ideas. People who are based in Bangalore, willing to, come up with ideas to keep costs low and give it their all to help grow the business and flourish. People who think Out-Of-The-Box. I am cautious, prefer low-budget and see the biz grow and then expand it or branch out to other businesses.

    I prefer equal partnerships: WHY? 1. More minds at work and more ideas 2. Support System 3. Everyone is equal in investing and in sharing therefore the profit or burden is not on just one. 4. Lots more fun than doing it alone.

    2-3 equal partners is what I need. Please do send me pvt messages and tell me about yourself, what makes you interested in starting a brand-new business, what makes you feel you are best suited for a biz, what is your vision, your ambition, your goals.

    Please contact me at richa_richa@hotmail.com. Thank you, Ria
  • Deepak Mishra said on August 18, 2014
    Hello Sir/Mam, I want to start fast food mobile van service in Lucknow (UP,India)..Please help me to get through few points
    1-Investment required
    2-Legal formalities permits required
    4-Other suggestions are welcome
    Please mail me details at dmishra1808@gmail.com, Thanks
  • akhil gupta said on August 21, 2014
    i want to start the mobile food in chandigarh . i dont have high budget i want to hire the van on rent n want to sell breakfast, lunch, dinner on streets . is this idea will work if work then how . plz contact me on this no.9418724043
  • santram narula said on August 25, 2014
    I want to start small meals/tiffin on mobile van in Hyderabad anyone can give experience help pls call 8099048750
  • kamal said on September 10, 2014
    i want to start desi food business in mobile van in chandigarh so plz send me some suggestions on how to start,investment,no. of labors in initial stage & precautions should be taken and what are the legal issues if i want it to be done for night also.
  • harpreet said on September 14, 2014
    hey, I wish to start a food truck business in Pune(India). If u may suggest to me the basic requirements for startup and how to go about for acquiring various license if any for the same.
  • manish choudhary said on September 17, 2014
    hello sir, I want to start mobile fast food van in Jaipur city. please advice me about registration license process for it. thank you.
  • Ms Nimfa said on September 29, 2014
    We make mobile food vans on different vehicle platforms like Tata Winger/ Traveler/ Eicher. As per customer requirement we customize the vehicle Those interested kindly mail your detailed requirement and we will get back to you at the earliest. My email address is nimfa@cloverintl.net. Ms. Nimfa
  • Kota said on October 21, 2014
    Hi, I am planning to start a mobile kitchen van in hyderabad. Could you please tell me what all are required to start a mobile kitchen in terms of clearances from government like pollution, license, insurance, parking etc.....
  • asheesh banta said on November 1, 2014
    i would like to start a mobile /like ( ice cream cart type carts ) for ready to eat food all dry like omelettes and kababs. would like to start with say 5 carts in different locations in delhi any advise on licensing . all carts will be amnned by clean hygienic and uniformed people. all food untouched by hands all staff working on cards will have medical reports on disease free personal manning the carts for the reference of clients please advise what is the start up costs and license procedures.
  • Massey Dmello said on November 2, 2014
    Hi Startup biz guys, my team and I need some help with starting a food truck or van in Mumbai with home made items. I have a team and a little capital to start, wanted to know what are the legalities involved and if the BMC is issuing any license requests. Please email me or call me on 9819416333
  • Yash said on November 10, 2014
    HI I am interested in opening Street food Stall / Mobile catering in Zirakpur ( Mohali Punjab / Chandigarh )Please guide me what are the legal formalities 9216709683
  • viki said on November 13, 2014
    I want to open mobile catering business in shimla so plz send me some suggestion plz 919888980423
  • muhammed bilal said on November 23, 2014
    hello sir i have to plan the mobile catering business in coimbatore (tamilnadu) i have to serve the fast food items so pls send me some suggestion on how to start email id:freshstartfastfood@gmail.com
  • Shrikant Pandey said on January 16, 2015
    HI, I want to start a chinese food van business. I want every detail regarding it. Please call me at 9911811040 or email me at shrikantpandey321@gmail.com
  • jai said on February 3, 2015
    I want to start a catering food for the labourers in industrial area of Ludhiana Punjab. I have the following quarries:-
    1. what license or permission is required to start such small enterprise.
    2. Is it safe to use LPG gas stoves in truck?
    3. Do I need permission from the transport authority to modify a TATA 407 used truck to a kitchen?
    4. what fire safety measures are required?
    5. How much finance is required?
    6. How can be good consultants to discuss?
  • Sanjiv Kumar said on February 4, 2015
    Hi, I am SANJIV KUMAR I am running a snacks shop in Chennai now I am interested to commission a MOBILE SNACKS SHOP. I searched for the idea how to make a vehicle can any one help me. Thank U. Sanjiv Kumar.P :-)
  • Counselor beginner adviser said on March 8, 2015
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  • Gautham said on March 24, 2015
    I'm looking for partners to start mobile catering & hotel business in Bangalore. interested people call me on 91 9902058663. All idea's of starting businesses in Bangalore are welcome.
  • ajay pradhan said on April 5, 2015
    Hi, I am interested/looking for options to invest and start mobile catering business in Siliguri, West bengal. Kindly advise. Regards, Ajay
  • Rajneesh Ranjan said on April 16, 2015
    Hi. If any body is interested in starting mobile catering business in Kandivali West, Mumbai with me, potential is huge call me immediately 9619091061. Let us share the investment and work out the modalities.
  • Chit said on April 21, 2015
    We 3 food lovers want to turn into entrepreneurs on wheels! Can you suggest us how we get license and what all we need to do for this start up? We want to do this in Hyderabad city and our specialty would be healthy fast food for office goer or students. Help us with inputs please @ 9502708967
  • Kiran said on May 2, 2015
    Please contact me on kiran@3dspectra.com for mobile food business ideas and partnership
  • MADHAN said on June 18, 2015
    resident of Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India dearth of authentic north Indian food interested in setting up a pure north Indian food take aways. guidance on start up, inventing partners, licenses can serve and assure of good returns Investment around 3 lacs open to suggestions from all.
  • MADHAN said on June 18, 2015
    hospitals, colleges it parks offices , factories. cans serve quality food for 500 - 1000 people interested institutions organisations pls contact. 8754446641 madhan
  • Mitzi said on June 23, 2015
    I want to start a mobile business that caters small, intimate lunches and places chosen by my clients. We would not cook the food we would just organize the "lunch". If we used other companies' foods and wines/beer and we are just providing the service and organizing, would it still be considered catering?
  • vivek mishra said on June 25, 2015
    hi, i want to start mobile catering business in Lucknow ( up) i think the potential of this business is huge in Lucknow kindly suggest me that how can i start my own business
  • deep said on August 1, 2015
    i want to start mobile food van in kolkatta at new market, dharmtla my contact no 9826123571, plz send me some suggestion and what legal formalities i have to do
  • L. Nikko said on August 8, 2015
    Hi, I'm keen to start a mobile business by selling Desserts or Gelato in Johor Malaysia. Is Mobile Van possible to operate for such business as I observed most caterer are using Food Truck instead. Is there any Specialist Supplier of such vehicle's and which authority should I apply all the necessary license's to start such a business. Kindly forward your kind and valuable advise via email: elegant9193@gmail.com
  • shan said on November 4, 2015
    Hello, I'm looking for a fastfood mobile resturant in kerala, india. Please give me detailed reply about the license formalities, rules and regulations and also the cost.
  • Tushar said on December 25, 2015
    I want to start chat mobile cart at Gachibowli sez area at Hyderabad Telangana India, what license i have obtain for this street food.
  • Babu Rao said on January 4, 2016
    Hi my self baburao i want to start a food truck with Chinese food can any body please advice me how to proceed with this am from hyderabad India.can call me on 9866249689.
  • Krishna Kishore said on April 4, 2016
    Hi I would like to start my own venture at Jadcherla, Hyderabad Telangana. It is not mobile catering it is catering services.
  • charan kumar said on April 10, 2016
    I want to start a mobile catering van business. so how can i make mobile catering van license. I am from delhi.
  • Goutham reddy said on April 16, 2016
    i want to start my mobile catering business in Hyderabad for tiffins...... I would like to know the details along all the rules and regulations..
  • GANESH KISHOR TAK said on May 3, 2016
    To start street mobile van food business in navimumbai, pl guide for necessary steps.
  • Enakshi T Shroff said on June 20, 2016
    Hi, I want to know what the statutory permissions and compliances are needed to start a mobile food truck in Kolkata.
  • Amarnath Reddy said on June 24, 2016
    Hi Goutham, I am Mr Amar from hyderabad, I can help to setup mobile catering Business like tiffins. plz mail me. amarmettu@outlook.com
  • siddharth said on August 15, 2016
    Hi I am Siddharth and i am interested in setting up chain of food carts or food truck in a very organised way(Hygenic) at Jaipur(Rajasthan).
    Once it gets clicked than we can try in other cities as well.
    Need to know the approvals and licenses here.
    I am open for partnering with like minded people with any new ideas
    Please reply over 9510298444 or siddharthbihani@gmail.com


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