“How to Start Mobile Catering”
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  • Manu said on June 15, 2011
    I want to set up a mobile coffee cart in Chennai, TN. I want to know the legal issues surrounding the venture.
  • eliyas said on June 19, 2011
    haloo ,i want to start a cafe on wheel ,what all license are required i m going to open in mumbai
  • sujan said on June 21, 2011
    We have restaurant in brooklyn the name of ZAFFRAN RESTAURANT AND PARTY HALL, we make all catering plz give all catering order now . GOOD FOOD GOOD HEALTH. we are low cost for all food
  • Devesh Agarwal said on July 4, 2011
    I am in greater noida , and I am doing catering business but unable to get business. can u help me and also guide me that is there any legal formalities in providing catering to a hostel in their premises.
  • chris paterson said on July 6, 2011
    Hi, I have bought a mobile food truck and am inquiring about the laws and permits for Del Ray beach florida
  • ryan said on July 23, 2011
    My wife and I are going to start a mobile catering business. We had some questions about building out the vehicle. Can you put normal kitchen equip on the truck and if so does it run off the vans engine/inverter or does it have to be a generator? Thanks
  • raj said on July 27, 2011
    Sir, I would like to start a mobile food van to supply food in places where food is not available. I wish to sell home cooked food like (franky,idli, samosas, vada pav, poha,sandwitch,lunch and other stuff) . The food will be cooked at my home and also in the van. What are the license's, permissions to start such business. tell me such type of legal license that no policewala will come for hafta, as you some part of revenue is wasted on them. raj, from Malad Mumbai.
  • Sanjana said on August 3, 2011
    I want to start a catering business in delhi. getting food cooked from somewhere else and supplying to my clients. What are legal formalities to be completed and what type of tax registrations i need. thanks
  • Manish Gupta said on August 3, 2011
    Hi, I am planning start a mobile catering business, in some where Pune area, basically i have not good amount to invest in restaurant business, but i am thinking that i can start mobile catering business with in my range of investment, this is my first time Experience to start business, so here i want help from you to get into this business, i wanted your help regarding licenses & permits required for it. i would also like to know, from where i could rent out or modify existing van/truck into the required infra structured van/truck for mobile catering business.
  • pankaj said on August 6, 2011
    hi sir, my inquiry is same as others asked for mobile food service. only want to know that if any manufacturer or co. who can provide me this builtup van near to my area, like panjab, Delhi
  • Manoj Yadav said on August 6, 2011
    Salutations Justin. I want to open up a mobile food van here in India by coming December and would like to know what points are there to keep in mind. Please assist me with your exalted replies. Thanks very much for the same
  • Sam said on August 9, 2011
    I would like to know the legal aspect of a roadside eatery kindly. Anybody??? Please write back: edvijames@gmail.com
  • Ratri said on August 10, 2011
    i am interested in opening the mobile food business. kindly let me know the formalities required in india particularly bhubaneswar.
  • Kaira said on August 10, 2011
    Hi James, like many others in this trail I am keen on having my own mobile catering service in Mumbai, India - serving some of my own recipes which includes grill and barbeque dishes. Please help me identify the following -
    (1) Total investment
    (2) Essential equipments
    (3) Where can I source a catering van from in India
    (4) Licenses/permits required for area
    These are initial few queries before I get to further planning. Thanks, kaira
  • Roxanne Adams said on August 11, 2011
    In a few years I want to sell everything buy an RV and a mobile food vending trailer and travel around the USA selling food at fairs, carnivals, etc....Does anybody do that ? I want to....I have always wanted to....Is it possible? Who do you know that does this and what are things I need to know? Would it be better to follow a carnival around or hook up with an already established business that provides this service? Can you send me in the right direction.Any information would be of great use to me and would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • vivek soparkar said on August 16, 2011
    I am from mumbai,most of the time i spent in Alibaug. I am in the catering business since 1978 and very soon will be starting the wine training school in thane,as a wine has become passion for your country. I need to start mobile catering in Alibaug as i need the contact of the mobile catering van maker. Pls advice
  • himanshu said on August 29, 2011
    Hi I want to have chain of tea junctions in agra for the youth tell me what would be the best way to run and the legal formalities required. I belong to hotel industry and I am 22 years old. Please reply very soon.
  • Swaraj said on August 29, 2011
    I Started my canteen and mess at my home last 3 yrs. and also started mobile van in my school from last 1n half yrs. I had shop act license but not regional traffic authority and f and d license where and how can I get that because my van continuously parked in school and I cook all my Menus at my home . so how can I get all this license means F & D and RTO Permission . If you Have any agent in Pune please inform me .
  • vikas thaman said on September 2, 2011
    i start my mobile van fast food business in sushant lok gurgaon india what type of license shall i apply please suggest
  • Abhishek Sharma said on September 6, 2011
    I want to start fast food servicing in car. What are the rules and regulations. I m from India, Rajasthan State.
  • Anurag said on September 7, 2011
    Hi, We started a tiffin centre. Recently we upgraded it to a small hotel where the main clients are the college students. Please advice how we can grow our business. Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  • Prakash Veer said on September 11, 2011
    hi i am from outside delhi, and would like to start a tiffin service in any of the region in east delhi/greater noida. would anyone be able to guide me about how to go about starting up also what are the legal requirements as well other requirements required to kick off the service. what would initial level cost and where i can start it from.if anyone can guide me please call me, +919899692320, email id prakash.veer1@gmail.com thanks. Prakash Veer
  • rajiv k gupta said on September 12, 2011
    Hi dear friends, I want to run a canteen in the university campus i Shimla(himachal pradesh) and i am a resident of allahabad (up) I have some links in the university and i have been offered to run the canteen in shimla but I am confused regarding the legal formalities of himachal pradesh ie what are the taxes on the canteen business (vat,service tax, labour tax...etc) kindly suggest me and also let me know about the investments ie food processor machines used in making tea,coffee, food, etc... regards, rajiv kumar, civil lines allahabad, u.p. mob: 9918488881. email: sach.11@rediffmail.com
  • Ramanand said on September 13, 2011
    Hi, I want to start mobile kiosks for food on the roads in the Delhi or Delhi NCR location. Can you please guide me about the procedure to get the government licenses for the same. Thanks and Regards. Ramanand
  • rahul vash said on September 13, 2011
    hello. i want to start mobile catering business at chandgarh, panchkula, mohali. how can i get the license to run it. can i have the addresses of those offices who permit us for vending. i start my business with small investment. kindly suggest me some ideas for the food i should offer.some marketing strategies also. thanx.09780970371
  • amit kishor wankhedkar said on September 14, 2011
    i already started a fast food mobile van in pune i have my own business of fast food business in talegaon dabhade so i could not run a mobile van in pune , so i want to sell it urgently , i am expecting 140000/ negotiable, int client can call me 9921091561, u can make and serve any kind of food, like burgers, sandwiches ,wada pav, snacks, biryani every thing,
  • Harry Chieng Ngie Khong said on September 14, 2011
    Hi there, I look cooking and into semi retirement stage, moving to new zealand end of year, love to venture into mobile food business in Auckland, NZ. Would you kindly advice how? e.g. permit, licenses or health courses or any requirement in NZ. Thanks & Regards, Harry Chieng
  • Joe Stasik said on September 14, 2011
    I'm looking to start a roadside BBQ business in south eastern PA. Where do I start
  • Chirag Mishra said on September 15, 2011
    Hi , I am based at Delhi , India. And I am looking to start moving restaurant. From where can I get suitable stainless steel mobile kitchen/Van?
  • amit k wankhedkar said on September 15, 2011
    anybody interested from pune to start a fast food van in pune so u call me. my own mobile van i am selling it, only from pune client can call me 9921091561 amit
  • suraj said on September 18, 2011
    hi i am based in delhi , and i m looking to start a tiffen service please tell me how investment i have to do..
  • Swapnil patil said on September 20, 2011
    Hi, I would like to start a mobile food wagon in Mumbai. I need to know stepwise what are the permissions required to start this business.
  • Mandla Hlatshwayo said on September 22, 2011
    Hi i wish to expand my fast food business in Johannesburg in South Africa what do i need to start the a mobile one
  • Brian J. Stamps said on September 22, 2011
    Can you give me some tips on how to start a mobile food truck business in Rancho Cordova, Ca.
  • DILEEP K said on September 23, 2011
    Hi, myself Dileep am from Bangalore and would like to start a mobile food business in Bangalore,India. I need to know the step by step process for establishing such a venture ,which includes the licenses ,legal procedure etc.... Expecting your reply, Regards, DILEEP .K
  • aditya said on September 26, 2011
    Dear Sir, Our Family wants to start Lunch/ dinner pack to offices/road sides with hygienic quality with minimum price and all so looking to give Lite Lunch / dinner (diabetic or Blood Presser Employees ), Pls Help me how to start. from hyderabad,andhrapradesh,india.
  • Brad Leddo said on September 27, 2011
    Just looking to find out the proper things to do if I want to start food truck in California Santa Barbara County. Health Dept, USDA???? Wont have problem with food
  • wilson george said on September 29, 2011
    Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Our Family wants to start Lunch/ dinner pack to offices/road sides/colleges etc., with hygienic quality with minimum price and all so looking to give Tiffin items for Lunch / dinner with non-veg curries. I would like to know the process for establishing such a venture ,which includes the licenses ,legal procedure etc....to whom I should contact at Coimbatore. Please help me with details. Expecting your reply, Regards, WILSON
  • Pradeep said on September 29, 2011
    Sir, I want to start a small business of serving Breakfast items at different locations in Noida at minimum of cost. Pl tell what is the price of a simple roadside Kiosk and who are the suppliers of such a Kiosk in Noida and around? Thanks
  • Raviendra Nikkam said on October 5, 2011
    do i need to apply for license for mobile catering business in Navi mumbai, India and where do i apply for all required licenses.
  • Manny said on October 7, 2011
    I want to start a mobile food joint in downtown LA. What permits are required for me to start this?
  • christopher cryne said on October 13, 2011
    i want to start a Daft Beer Push Cart business in Gran Canaria spain . could you give me all the information on how to begin my new trade . like do i need any licenses , insurances ect . thank you
  • Dalma Deak said on October 16, 2011
    Dear Sir/Madam! I would like to open a small food mobile catering in the city. Can you give information how I have to start?? What I needed exactly? Thank you
  • AMIT PRAKASH said on October 20, 2011
    Want to start the mobile food catering business in Delhi University area. Details of necessary permissions and licenses required. How much time is required to complete these formalities? Rgds
  • varinder said on October 21, 2011
    I'm a good non veg punjabi cook at home. I want to make this as my career initially very small scale, expand & grow after response. wish to sell only non-veg at the counter. (only take away. How do I really go about it, what are the legal formalities, what would the investment be like. I want to start this business in India Bangalore city state Karnataka.
  • Claire sledge (USA) said on October 23, 2011
    I'm looking to start a catering service for my local area I live in ohio and i'm planning to start an almost tuck shop but I need to ask for some guidance please. I have a van already but I would like to know what licenses I would have to get. With kind regards Claire
  • kunal gautam said on October 25, 2011
    hi , i am kunal gautam. looking to open an street food corner including north indian and chinese food. location is in delhi near by college . please guide me what is the procedure to take the approval or license from the concern authority.
  • renuka said on October 26, 2011
    hi..i want to open up a catering business but my investments are low( around rupees 10,000). how should i go about it? let me know asap. thanks. renuka, india
  • manal said on October 28, 2011
    Hi, My father and I have been in this business for over 25 years. We build catering trucks in the USA in Virginia but will ship with fees to other states or can pick up from Washington D.C. We are also starting up in Cairo Egypt. We have Hot Dog vending cars as well as mobile catering trucks available. If you have questions feel free to contact via email.
  • marupu said on October 31, 2011
    Hi, I want to start a catering business outdoor events, and just a spot in town, please advise with the law procedure, licenses and permits, capital investment, and any other requirements
  • taye said on November 2, 2011
    My location is Ibadan,Oyo state,Nigeria. I'm a fresh graduate who is looking for a good business to start to avoid being one of the thousands of unemployed graduates. I think truck concession is a great business idea. I'm totally clueless and hope you could help with information on permits, licenses and truck purchases especially taking my location into consideration.
  • Gokul said on November 10, 2011
    Dear sir/madam, i am Gokul from Assam. I would like to start my own business of loose tea (powder form,made tea)supply and distribution in banglore in small lavel. what licenses i would need. will you please tell me the demand of non blended Assam tea in banglore? I will try my best to serve my customer. Thanking you
  • Betty said on November 11, 2011
    Hi i was wanting to start a mobile pie van, can you please let me know what is involved in doing this please. I am in Bowen QLD 4805. Thanks!
  • saikiran said on November 13, 2011
    hi my name is saikiran. i am from india, i am planing to start mobile fast food chain in my place. what you think about my idea how is workout. please send me some suggestions
  • pradeep said on November 21, 2011
    Hi, I am pradeep from Pune, India. I am a software engineer and I am planning to start a restaurant business in Pune. I am planning to quit the job in a year and concentrate on business. I have a good business plan and also futuristic plans to grow the business to chain restaurant. Any one who has plan to invest 35% investment please contact me at 9049453127 or email at pradeep.sivadasan0@gmail.com.
  • narinder singh said on November 25, 2011
    We are located at Ludhiana and would like to start the tiffin catering services within the Ludhiana. can help us to trace out the potential list of clients which are interested to buy tiffin meal from us. We are located almost center of the city and have a confidence to do the best once it is started.
  • Ranbir said on November 26, 2011
    Am from Pune and aspiring to start a mobile restaurant business, looking for investor. You can contact me on ranbir77@yahoo.com, if interested.
  • Ajoy Kar said on November 29, 2011
    I want to start "Mobile Catering" business in Agartala, Tripura, India, please advice me for the same. Thanking you, With regards Ajoy
  • Nimesh said on November 29, 2011
    Mumbai I want to start a mobile canteen and need to know the procedure to start regarding the need of license,permits,clearances from which depts. ect... kindly if anybody has the relevant knowledge regarding the same or any agency which can help in getting the various permits and licenses need do call back on 9324612325
  • Rozer Gurung said on December 6, 2011
    Sikkim, I'm currently a student in Bangalore and I want to start a mobile canteen at a very small scale. I wanted to know about the license permit , clearances and all the legal procedure required and the department for acquiring permission. If anyone has relevant knowledge about it or any agency that could help me in getting it done. Contact no- 9742615100
  • SAM said on December 7, 2011
    Bangalore, I'm currently working in one of the IT company @ Bangalore and I want to start a mobile canteen at bangalore at a very small scale. I wanted to know about the license permit , clearances and all the legal procedure if required and the department for acquiring permission. If anyone has relevant knowledge about it or any agency that could help me in getting it done. Contact no- SAM -9060965857-
  • vaibhav said on December 11, 2011
    mumbai hi, i want to start mobile catering so will u help me how to start it please?09869824902
  • Anthony said on December 15, 2011
    Hi, this is Anthony from Bangalore, India. I want to start a mobile food cart at Bangalore. Hence requesting to know about the license permit, clearances and all the legal procedure if required and the department for acquiring permission. If anyone has relevant knowledge about it or any agency that could help/assist me out in getting it done. Contact no.: +91-9449150177
  • prasanthi said on December 16, 2011
    hi i want to start catering from home.would u plzz help me how to start it......?
  • amitwankhedkar said on December 18, 2011
    fast food mobile van in pune giving for rent u can do any type of fast food in such van rent is 9000 Rs pm, deposit 30000Rs , nego, interested client can call me , pune amit 9921091561, also u can see burger van snaps on quir .com ( used fast food van in pune )
  • Rajshree said on December 26, 2011
    Hi I am Rajshree from Bangalore,India. I want to start catering from home. I want to make this as my career...initially very small scale, expand & grow after response. How do I really go about it, what are the legal formalities, what would the investment be like. I want to start this business in India Bangalore city state Karnataka. I would be really grateful if you could help me out with this...thank you! With Regards, Rajshree
  • Saurav Chatterjee said on December 26, 2011
    I want to start Food Cart business in Delhi NCR area,India. Please inform me the legal formalities; Government approval / permission procedure; Registration procedure etc. Thnx.
  • Khashab said on December 28, 2011
    @manal how can i reach ur contact. am interested to start this business in Egypt. Plz contact me on Thetastywheels@gmail.com
  • Rahul said on January 1, 2012
    Himachal Pradesh: I want to start a Mobile food Joint on wheel(van). Kindly suggest some Body modification shop or builder who can design the van near chandigarh or Delhi. Thanks
  • Elle said on January 1, 2012
    Hi my name is Elle and am currently catering for various events. I will be catering for a kids festival for the first time where approx 15,000 people will be attending. I will be selling hot dogs and there will be 3 other vendors selling food. How many hot dogs should I expect to sell given these numbers? ie is there a general formula that I should work with?. I am located in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia. Thanx
  • Anudeep said on January 3, 2012
    hi, I was thinking of this mobile food truck with food like rice biryani (rice with chicken or beef in it. Indian recipe), and kabobs and sandwich. the reason i think of this food is there is no one else providing it. there are lot of Indian pakistani's working in different companies. and this food is as satisfying as Chinese food which consists of rice, chicken or noodles and they are success as well. of course there will be beverages, chips. no preparation except packaging is required on the truck. initially as a trail i was thinking of renting a van and trying out. other thing i want to ask is there a fee for the route or do i need to take any permission or membership. or can i choose my own route. please respond. thank you Location : Hydearbad , near gachibowli or hit tech city
  • Jude said on January 10, 2012
    Hi I am considering opening an fast food on the wheels in a truck or trailer .where can i buy a used one and what licenses or if I want to sell in downtown chicago what permits do I need. I appreciate your help
  • shivam ahuja said on January 11, 2012
    Hello there , i am from delhi , good to see lots of It people are coming now in this field , I am also going to start a Food chain , a moving van sort with Different food loaded on it ,
    Things i want to know
    1. License(as i will offer non veg too )
    2. where to get license in noida ? whom to contact?
    3. moving van avlbl on rent ?
    4. any more suggestions .....
  • Justice said on January 17, 2012
    hi from zimbabwe in Harare i want to start my own food outlet how can i start it from point zero
  • jyoti gupta said on January 26, 2012
    Hallo. I am j.k. gupta from chandigarh (U.T) and want to start a mobile business in Chandigarh.in India for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pl. let me know
  • Denny P said on January 27, 2012
    Hello. My name is Denny. I officially FINALLY opened my Food Catering Trailer. : ) It is an 18 foot by 8 foot dual wheel pull behind my truck type. It is beautiful inside and has everything needed to sell the food we cook and prepare out the window. Gas 4 place stove with oven.Gas two bin deep fryer. Gas two compartment food warming trays. Electric Refrigerator and Freezer. Electric Air Conditioning- rooftop unit. It has florescent lighting and wall outlets to plug other things into. There is a breaker box within the trailer with breakers to different things. There is also a Hot Water tank under the THREE COMPARTMENT SINK. There is a SEPARATE hand washing sink in it too. I am still waiting for my Electrical Power Pole to be connected from TECO Electric.What a freaking journey to make it all happen. I will try to explain what i did while it is still fresh in my mind. Patience is key. Dont be in a hurry. Dont quit your day job. The fees and crap seem never ending.I believe the hardest part of opening your own trailer or truck, cart, ect. is to GET ONE. There are plenty for sale all over the internet. In my case i got LUCKY. My GF had a relative who bought the $30,000 trailer. Used it 10 times, then had to stop. We lucked out and bought it for $17000.00 With a little money down. $500.00 a month payment agreement and WE GOT IT. Then we brought it home from Georgia to Tampa florida. So there's a good one. Dont forget you will need a heavy duty truck to pull your trailer. The bigger the trailer the bigger the truck, Dig? well thats enough for now. Im not even sure this thing is gonna post this paragraph. If it does. Ill check again here soon and tell you about the rest of the obstacle course to open it up. So if your serious. Go Get IT. If you get it. You will HAVE TO OPEN IT :) MAke sure your local state allows such trucks and trailers too. Ok, Maybe chat at yous later... poooof
  • Denny P said on January 27, 2012
    Well. it posted. So where was I? HOLY. There is alot involved in opening your own Food Vendor Business. I believe I started on the Business name and got it in a LLC. Limited Liability Company. This helps protect your personal finances from your business claims. Like injuries and such. They can still get you personally if the accident was bad enough but, it is what is needed. I came up with the name of my business and searched the internet to see if anyone else was using it. After my 20th name. Bingo. No one else seems to be using it. I applied for a LLC license online. Cant remember the cost. About 300.00 i think. Got approved. I opened a BUSINESS banking account. Needed for your business. not hard to do. no money down or anything for me at Bank Of America. Now the business can write checks for purchases and not involve your personal bank account. What a pain to start keeping them apart at first. I still am working on paying everything with the business account that is business oriented. I transfer money from my personal account to my business account every time i wanna buy something for the business. The reason being.. I am not making any money yet from the Trailer. We plan on Grand Opening this Monday. Anyways, whats next. You will need your Food Manager Certificate. It is easy too really. Just read the crap out of the literature you find to memorize it. Its things about handling food safely and cooking it correctly. Storing it ect. It will teach you alot. Then you sign up a pearson vue, something like that, and go take your test. I passed it the first time. You can too. study it for a week straight. read it over 4 times. Test yourself at home, then go test. Nothing to it but to DO IT. Well, ill see if anyone wants me to continue.... You have plenty to do with my two posts. READ ALL YOU CAN READ ABOUT THE TYPES OF BUSINESS YOU WANNA OPEN IN YOUR AREA. RESEARCH IT. yOU WILL NEED MONEY TOO. sO TO HAVE 5000.00 WOULD BE WISE. PLUS MAKE YOUR TRAILER PAYMENTS. iT CAN TAKE A WHILE TO EVEN MAKE A DOLLAR. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A JOB MAKING MONEY AS YOU START THIS VENTURE. LEARN TO ENJOY READING ABOUT IT ALL GOOOOOD LUCK. LATER
  • Mrs. Hall said on January 30, 2012
    I'm interested in starting a catering business, can you provide me with funding assistance. Thank you. 4148394072
  • clyde said on January 30, 2012
    where to rent a mobile truck convert in a restaurant is it possible for me to do marketing for a company how rent out this trucks in south africa
  • Bhagyashri said on February 3, 2012
    Hi I want to start my own mobile snack center in Pune ,Maharashtra ,India. We have seen the place on express highway. we are searching for such vehicle. I want to know what legal formalities we have to complete for this? N also i want some information that how to start this business
  • virendra said on February 3, 2012
    Hi. I am interested in opening mobile food center at commercial place but would like to know who is competent authority to issue license MCD, DDA, Delhi Police
  • Nimisha Singhal said on February 10, 2012
    Hi, I want to start Mobile food van business in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula), can any one guide me as what are the legal formalities, what are the permissions need to be taken & from which of the departments. Where to design the van etc. Pl. guide. thx N reg, nimisha
  • bimbo kazeem said on February 11, 2012
    can i make it by selling the food in take away pack to banks and some big companies, pls advice on what to do.
  • Geetika said on February 14, 2012
    Hi, i want to start a small mobile food stall in bangalore city with minimum investment. what all formalities would be required to set up this business... plz advice.
  • J Akhter said on February 15, 2012
    I want to start a Biryaani business from home to deliver the order to the corporate people near my area. The test of Biryaani is marvellous. My location is Delhi-India and want to start from Nehru Place-India. Please suggest the legal aspect involved?
  • jerry Castaneda said on February 17, 2012
    I too would like to start a taco catering business, what are the necessary steps to take to get started....
  • mumtaz alam said on February 18, 2012
    I am Faridabad, India. I want to open mobile catering service. I need some clarity on
    a) The licenses and permissions required from Local Authority
    b) Is there any issue on parking the mobile van on road side.
    c) What licenses are reqd from food department.
    d) Where I can I get mobile van in india, its cost
    e) Can a cooking stove with commercial gas can be placed in mobile van.
    f) is any license reqd for modifying/fitting Gas/plying mobile food van on road.
    Thank you.
  • laith said on February 21, 2012
    i want to open a mobile catering serves but i dont know what is the procedure i must take and how much it will cost and if it will be profitable, i have good amount of money to start the business. and what license do i need
  • aruna ghose said on February 29, 2012
    location Bangalore. I am interested in starting a mobile food unit
  • Tara Sankar Chakraborty said on March 2, 2012
    Hello Sir, I want to start mobile van operations for my food products in Durgapur,West Bengal, India. I want to know what are the rule and regulations for the same? From where can I get information regarding the same? My email id- tarasankar.c@gmail.com
  • Amit said on March 4, 2012
    HI, I want to start mobile catering for Biryani in Pune. We will prepare The biryani at our place and sever at another place. Want to know the rule and regulations related to this. Can We require license for fitting/plying a GAS in mobile food van on road. Thank you.
  • anup kumar said on March 11, 2012
    HI i want to open a mobile chinese van in petal nagar area delhi. what license do i need?
  • Sudarshan said on March 13, 2012
    Hi, I am looking to have a Mobile Food Truck in Bangalore, and need all the help in finding the necessary licenses and process to execute this.. Please contact me would be of great help. Thank you, Sudarshan
  • sagar gaikwad said on March 13, 2012
    hi, i would like to know the details of starting a mobile food service, like the license required and the requirements for it. also is it legal in India to have mobile food service van. and what would be the complete procedure for it. thank you.
  • Chef@LARGE said on March 15, 2012
    Dear all, what brings me back to this page are the hard facts i have faced in my quest to start my own mobile food business, for all of you who can think something beyond food carts/mobile eateries - please give a thought about e-commerce venture, does not require you to be tech savvy, but if anyone can get to do an investment in any sort of e-commerce venture, his future will be prosperous, because the future is e-commerce, i won't be surprised if Shopper's Stop shuts down soon....get my point? Thanks, Warm regards.
  • Ketan nagpal said on March 20, 2012
    Hi. Any body starting a mobile catering. Plz cont me . We will provide a staff. All types staff, my number is 09873868691
  • banhani said on March 21, 2012
    i want to start mobile food business in indore madhya pradesh india
  • hari said on April 3, 2012
    sir, this is hari from hyderabad/andhrapradesh, i would like to start a business like, meals on wheels in low budget over 1 lakh, is it possible to start with this budget? if so, what are the thing required for this particular business. looking forward to your reply.
  • Todd said on April 5, 2012
    Hi... to all you mobile catering food lovers. I started my mobile catering van back in 2005, after I saw a similar catering van trading in kathmandu...so I brought the idea to the U.K... I have two tandoors for starters: Sheekh kebab, tan. chicken,tan. fish, nan bread, spicy potato wedges, etc.... tandoor can be used for making stone pizza and parantha with utensils that I designed. We cook curries, momo, idali dosa, rice and mixed vag. We don't have a pitch as we make everything in front of customers premises. more later....
  • Stanley Manuel said on April 13, 2012
    Hie i'm from Zimbabwe. I'm very much interested in starting a mobile food catering services in Harare. Please help me information required including licenses. Thanks


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