Why Businesses Should Go Green

With Al Gore’s presentation of An Inconvenient Truth, the world was awakened and faced the looming aftermath if the environment will be continuously neglected.

As a result, movements as well as measures on how to show the concern for the environment were initiated.

This does not only involve scientists, ecologists and the industry dealing with the green. It is a worldwide concern. It concerns all individuals – whatever their profession, inclination, creed or wherever industry they may belong. Indeed, preserving the environment has become the center of attention of most industries. It has become part of each and everyone’s social responsibility. This is true even for those who are in big companies and in the business industry.

For the big companies, it is termed Corporate Social Responsibility – one that talks about how these companies can affect and make an impact in the environment. The business industry being one that chronicles leadership and management can be a vehicle to allow their employees to imbibe green insights and ideas. With this, it has the potential to lead countless individuals toward a green citizenry.
You may wonder, why should businesses go green? The reasons are enumerated below:

  • The prime and foremost reason why businesses should go green is that it is the responsibility of each and every individual residing within the realms of Earth to preserve its natural resources as well as its environment.
  • As mentioned above, being one that gives utmost significance to leadership, businesses have the greatest potential to set examples to its employees and everyone under its authority and control. Moreover, this is a means to boost morale and as well as improve loyalty to the company.
  • Being a green company has its advantage. How? This is by being able to differentiate and make yourself distinct among other companies give you a competitive edge – one that makes you known for being the “good guy” in terms of being environment – friendly.
  • Aside from the competitive advantage you get from going green, there can also be practical benefits you get from being one. What can that be? Going green allows for higher efficiency. This consequently leads to having the potential of reducing soaring operating costs on your part. So while saving, you also do your part in the preservation of the world’s resources. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Because your business is green, chances are high that your working conditions and environment is more conducive to efficient production. Moreover, this may also imply that your business is a healthy working place – no occupational hazards and risks to think of.

Just like with any change, it is understood that it may not be abrupt or sudden. However, changes towards the realization of being a green business may be gradual or incremental. What is important that businesses should realize the importance of advocating green and implementing measures on being one. It is undeniably invaluable to be part of going green.



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