Wholesale Brass Findings

Jewellery is something that is considered as valuable by most people. Aside from their monetary values, many jewellery pieces also serve as a memoir and heirloom to a lot of families all over the world.

For these reason, many opt to try their luck in jewellery making business. There is lot to learn about wholesale brass findings.

Wholesale brass findings are good things that you should know where to find. These are the things that can definitely be used for your jewellery business. It is important that when you create jewellery, you will be in need of the pieces and parts that you will be using to connect the beads as well as wire components altogether, and these are what we call findings.

Thunderbird Supply and Metal Clay Findings, Inc.

One name that is known for selling findings is the Thunderbird Supply. They offer all kinds of the supplies needed for jewellery making, thee equipment as well as tools. They also have in their website free tutorials for making jewellery. Aside from Thunderbird Supply, there is also the Metal Clay Findings, Inc. They specialize in those findings that are for the jewellery designers using metal clay. These findings are made utilizing .999 silver or is also known as fine silver.

Vintaj Natural Brass Co.

This is a company that hand embellishes all of their findings in order to come up with the best quality before you finally take hold of them. Because of the watchful hand process that they are using on Vintaj pieces, each of these findings has their own exceptional luster and color. The subtle color differences are the reason why the findings have dimension and depth. For your product care, all you will need will be water rinse and mild soap.

What Brass Findings Have to Offer

Elaborate filigree designs as well as the only one of its kind symmetrical shapes of the brass links that are antique will surely give your jewellery a beauty with a touch of being vintage. Whether you are working on a jewellery piece with multiple strands, finishing chandelier earrings or would just like charm bracelets, you will surely have endless ideas if you have fantastic brass links. Whatever your new project might be, things will be taken to an entirely different dimension with the use of these artful elements. You simply have to twist, twirl and bend to come up with a unique creation. Sky is the limit if you want to come up with unique jewellery that you can use for your business.

Brass Findings: Infinite Ideas

If you want to be successful in your jewellery business, it will be good if you can use these wholesale brass findings to make deigns with a nature theme such as butterflies, dragonflies, frogs as well as other pendants featuring animals and insects. Also, you can make use of brass findings to create a wonderful focal point for necklaces or to accentuate or serve as background for the focal bead that you personally love.


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