How to Find Wholesalers in Australia

Australia is a place suitable to start a business. With its richness, anyone will surely be able to achieve success in any venture. This is the main reason why there are a lot of people, not just Australians, opt to have their own business in the wonderful land of kangaroos and koalas.

Being a wholesaler is definitely a business that can give you profit. This is surely the best chance for you to familiarize things on how to find wholesalers in Australia.

It is much easy to look for wholesalers if you have an idea as to what kind of products you will need. In case that you are just a newbie in this kind of venture, it would be a great start for you to know first the ways on how you should find wholesalers, specifically in Australia.

Understanding the Industry

There are many ways for products to go from the manufacturers to the retailers. Understanding the distribution channels in the industry as well as being aware of where you will fit perfectly inside the chain of supply will help you in finding the correct wholesale supplier for the business that you have.

Types of Wholesalers

There are actually several kinds of wholesalers. First off are the manufacturers. There are products that can be directly bought from them, something that is being done by many boutique stores. There are also the importers or exclusive distributors. There are industries wherein companies have sole rights to distribute and import products from countries. While some directly sell to retailers, the usual thing that happens is that they sell or setup to the small wholesalers in a locality. We also have the so called regional or wholesaler distributors. Usually, some regional wholesalers take delivery of the boxcar sized lots. Then, they break them down and then sell the product boxes’ truckloads to the local wholesalers. Last are the jobbers or wagon peddlers. These people make their daily deliveries to the local grocers as well as retail stores.

Manufacturing on Your Own

One thing that you can do is to start at your source first. If your products are branded, go directly to the product’ manufacturers. They can sell items to you but it will depend on their set minimum order requirements. There are a lot of these in Australia so you have many options to choose from. In case that you will order lower than their standards, or if they only cater to those distribution channels that are already established, you can request their distributors’ list which you can contact.

Contacting Wholesale Suppliers

Now that you have the list of the wholesale distributors, the next thing to do is to start contacting them. The primary things that you have to look for are their minimum order requirements as well as their unit prices for wholesale prices. For you to have the best responses, you should be honest with the things that you are searching for, with emails that are short, straightforward yet friendly.


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