How to Buy Wholesale Fabric

Wholesale buying of fabric will let you save some of your money not like in retail way of purchasing.

So if you are lined with business that needs fabrics as its raw material, you must learn some of the techniques on how to buy wholesale fabric.

Knowing the points on how to buy wholesale fabric is an advantage especially in terms of the discounts that you will avail. However, there is certain information that you have to remember prior to purchasing wholesale fabrics.

Assess the Available Fabrics

Before starting the process of wholesale buying of fabrics, you need first to determine the fabric sizes and types that you most need. A typical fabric that is sold in wholesale terms is having fifteen to twenty yards. But there are sources of fabrics that sell fabrics that are as large as hundred yards. Knits and woven are usually offered in approximately forty-five to sixty inches wide. Aside from assessing the size and types, the quality must also be checked. Particularly, the stretching features, color, drape and crispness must be checked.

Finding Possible Sources of Wholesale Fabrics

Right after you have already determined the aspects to check and the right quality of the fabric that you will purchase, the next task to do is to look for the possible sources of wholesale fabrics. Online sources are one of the best sources of fabric sellers. Get as many sellers as possible. This must be done in order to compare the services as well as product qualities available. There are different types of fabrics that you can choose from. Examples of these are linen, drapery, wool, cotton, upholstery, silk and etc. Make sure that you select the one that is intended for your needs.

Compare Fabric Quality

When you have already made a list of the possible wholesale fabrics that you need, you need now to verify the fabric quality that is present in all of your choices. As a wholesaler, you would surely want to come up with a very competent fabric end product. The competitiveness of your products depend on the quality of the raw materials available. In most instances, fabric swatches can be requested from the promising sources. With the aid of these, you can compare the qualities of each and every fabric presented to you.

Close the Deal

With the comparison that you have made, choose the best fabric quality that suits your needs. If possible, you can set up a meeting to the supplier in order to learn more about the fabric that is offered to you. Personal encounter to the supplier is also a nice opportunity to further clarify the agreement that was done. Once you pay for the amount intended for the product, ask receipt for them. This will serve as proof of your purchase and can be used just in case you want to return some damaged fabrics upon the delivery.


  • anjali said on March 16, 2013
    I want to start a business of saree n suits as a starter how much money i will spend in this business. pls mail me...
  • archana said on April 23, 2014
    Want to start a saree and dress material and ladies kurtis can you tell Mr how much will be the expenses to start at home.
  • Geelbooi Ngoma said on July 11, 2015
    Doing upholstrey needs for the raw materials is very high.
  • Geelbooi Ngoma said on July 11, 2015
    Upholstery business started need raw material for both use and reselling.
  • bhumika sawhney said on December 17, 2016
    started already business..looking for business from manufacturer directly ...for growing up my business. Regards Bhumika 9953949659
  • Terese M said on October 19, 2017
    Hello, I am interested in opening an apparel fabric store in which I would have both a bricks and mortar and online presence. I am curious to know what the start-up requirements are (money, legal, assistance/mentorship, etc.) and how to contact wholesale representatives. Are there any good books or mentorship programs? Please let me know. [Also, I greatly appreciate your article! One quick edit: assess is spelled with two "s" at the end :) --with only one "s", it becomes the plural of something else :)


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