What is Your Principal Business Code

Filing the income tax form is required whether you’re an individual or a business. When running a business, there is a need to get your own EIN or Employer Identification Number. This is required when making the principal business code and the annual tax form.

The EIN establishes the identity of a certain business, which sets it apart from existing competitors.

Whether you’re running a corporation, partnership, and other business structures, you must submit the right principal business code. This consists of 6 digits that will show on form for annual tax. The numbers are vital to allow IRS in identifying the entity that manages the assets or funds, as well as the revenues or expenditures. The IRS provides a list of the various business codes so that you can instantly find the appropriate code. For those who are unsure about the code and the categories, you can use this – 999999.

Here are the categories that you can choose from – Accommodation, food services, and drinking places; administrative and support, and waste management & remediation services; agriculture, forestry, hunting, and fishing; arts, entertainment, and recreation; construction; educational services; finance and insurance; health care and social assistance; information; manufacturing; mining; other services; professional, scientific, and technical services; real estate, rental, and leasing; religious, grantmaking, civic, professional, and similar organizations; retail trade; transportation and warehousing; utilities; and wholesale trade.

Under each category, you will find the codes for specific businesses. For instance, if your business is a restaurant, you will search under the category ‘accommodation, food services, and drinking places’. Get the appropriate code and be sure to double check with IRS. Using the right principal business code is vital to avoid legal and tax issues with the revenue service. Don’t use the code of the business that is owned by your friend because you might be using the wrong one especially if your business is not the same.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can now find the right principal business code that is applicable for the type of business you’re running. Since the annual tax form should be accomplished every year, find out the code from the start.


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