What is Tri Vision Billboard

If you want to make use of an ideal outdoor advertising method, you can consider the tri vision billboard. This is a mechanical billboard that can show three different ads.

A business owner can own the 3 ads or just 1-2 of them. Study the good and bad points before you make use of this tool.

What is Tri Vision Billboard?

Billboards are one of the most effective tools that you can use to advertise a certain business outdoors. The billboards are of different types which include the traditional billboard, mechanical, digital, and mobile. The tri vision billboard is under the mechanical type. This is a more expensive option as compared to traditional billboards and the cost will usually depend on the region where you live. A tri vision billboard can advertise for a certain company or from three different companies. So what is a tri vision billboard?

As the word suggests, the billboard consists of three sides that rotate at a certain schedule. This is different from a static billboard. When the message changes, the attention of potential customers is drawn easily; to use this, you can purchase one side only, or for effective advertising, you can purchase the 3 sides. Now, the decision will be based on your advertising campaign budget. Not all businesses can spend a hefty amount on billboard advertising alone. Besides, there are still other types that you can use to increase the visibility of your business. If you have enough money to splurge on the ads, the tri vision billboard can be a great option.

Weighing Things

True enough, the tri vision billboard can generate a lot of attention from passersby. However, it is only limited to one area. The billboard can’t be moved from one place to another. Only the people passing on that certain area can see your billboard ads. Whereas if you use a mobile ad like that of truck advertising, your ads can travel from one place to another; more people can see your ads and you can easily generate branding. You have to weigh the good and bad points of using a tri vision billboard against another type of billboard.

Making an informed decision is very important. The tri vision billboard will look like a square or rectangular board with 3 rotating ads. The ads can pertain to one business only or they can be for different businesses. The price is charged per advertisement so if you get all three sides, you are going to pay a hefty sum. Study the benefits that you can get from this type of advertisement. If you think that it will work for your business, go ahead and find a provider of this service. You can also use the internet to find a reputable service provider. Do your homework and you can enjoy the many benefits that come with the usage of billboards.

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