What Business Purchases are Taxable

If you want to run a successful business, it is important that you know which purchases are taxable and non-taxable. The state and federal government has rules or regulations pertaining to this.

The guidelines may vary so there is a need to check with the concerned agency. That way, you can cut down the costs.

If you are handling tax returns and sales of a certain business, then you should know about the taxable business purchases. It can be hard to study and familiarize with the tax code’s loopholes and rules. With a simple guideline, you will know what to do. Casual sales are tax exempted. What is a casual sale? This is the selling of items not more than three times in a year. For instance, you sold homemade cookies to a friend. The abovementioned condition should be observed; otherwise the selling of cookies can already be viewed as a business.

Taxable and Non-Taxable Purchases

When you’re selling, you will need to collect sales tax and remit it accordingly. Another thing that you should know is that industrial sales are also exempted from tax. A company that is involved in purchasing raw materials and reselling it in another form is considered manufacturing. In most states, any material that is used in manufacturing another product is tax exempt. However, the products used in creating the invoices or brochures are not exempted. Computer sales can be exempted if such devices are going to be used for business. However, such law is not applicable in all states.

States usually have specific guidelines when it comes to the tax code. You have to check with the right agency to ensure that you can comply accordingly. It is important that you know which purchases are taxable and which ones are not. Maintaining accurate records is very important since the IRS can conduct an audit at any time. It wouldn’t be a good idea to trick or place inaccurate info on your reports. Sales tax info is streamlined but if in any case the law is unclear to you, you can always ask. You can even consult with a tax professional just to be sure.

Running a business can be overwhelming at first but with adequate knowledge and skills, you can get things right.try using reputed and high quality accounting software. This can help you in monitoring all expenses and income. Most of the software programs can also provide you with the needed information to identify taxable purchases. When you know which ones are non-taxable and the ones that are, you can deduct them and cut down the costs significantly; just to be sure, there is a need to talk or work with a reputed tax lawyer. It pays to prepare accurate financial records and you will not encounter any problems with the IRS. Take your time to sort out finances.


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