Wharton Business Plan Competition

Would you like to be a good businessman someday? Then you have to enroll at a college that will harness your skills and make you a promising businessman someday.

This college is Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

This school is considered as one of the most excellent business schools in the US and it has also bagged several awards and international recognition or its various academic programs and resources. It is also known for the outstanding faculty and unique methods of teaching it provides. If you would like to enroll at this school because you want to have a very successful business in the future, you can have the chance to participate at the Wharton Business Plan Competition that can provide you several benefits in the future if ever you win.

In the succeeding paragraphs, you can discover more about this kind of competition. But before that, you should know about what Wharton Business School provides.

Know More About Wharton Business Plan Competition

  • The Aim: This school aims to build and share the information and knowledge that business individuals, companies and organizations need to know in order to triumph in a tough financial world.
  • What It Offers: You can ascertain a first class learning through the faculty members who are experts when it comes to the different business areas. They make use of the latest learning tools for the students to know their function in the society. There are also several business degree programs that you can choose from so you can master your business skills that will make you a somebody in the field of business someday.
  • The Philosophy: Wharton Business School’s philosophy is to make use of business in creating a great economic opportunity around the world. They also believe in training the students to become the next economic leaders of the world.

The Wharton Business Plan Competition (WBPC)

This is the dream competition of many businessmen and women-to-be’s. It fosters the business literacy and entrepreneurial spirit of the students of University of Pennsylvania that helps them to create new business ventures. This competition was founded in the year 1998 and is managed by the management committee and Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs as well. This competition is also open to all the students of University of Pennsylvania.

The Process of the Competition

During the educational experience of the Penn students, they can participate in up to three phases that give milestone-driven deadlines. The students will receive feedbacks from the business experts, meet with their mentors, attend business workshops and compete for a spot as one of the 8 finalist in the Wharton Business Plan Competition Finals which is held in April.

During the much awaited Finals, the students vie before the panel of experts and venture capitalists for in-kind prizes and cash to drive their business’ launching.


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