US Governors Brace States for Future Economic Turmoil

United States governors braced their respective states for future economic turmoil as economic situation remained “fairly poor,” and that the front lines continued to struggle.

The governors added that high unemployment rate and high Medicaid cost is the main problem of many of the states today.

Despite recent reports from Washington that the economy is gaining some advantages, United States governors led by National Governors Association Chairman Jim Douglas said that they are now bracing their respective states as they continue to struggle in the front lines of recession.

In a NGA meeting on Saturday, Gov. Douglas said that the worst of the recession is yet to come, saying that situation in most states remain “fairly poor” and the situation doesn’t look good in the front lines.

During the meeting, the governors discussed problems brought by high cost of health care and how to address the continued joblessness in their states. Before the forum, US First Lady Michelle Obama has called on the governors to help in her health care campaign, particularly the growing problem of obesity in the country.

Mrs. Obama also cited the financial difficulties of the state governors, saying that a little fund stretching would help them resolve the economic as well as the heath problems in the US.

Recent reports showed that the US states are now facing a $134 billion budget holes in the last three years. The governors cited the problem in tax collection, which keeps declining in the past two years as Medicaid cost spiked up.

Also, high unemployment rate in most of the states in the US continued to hound economic recovery. Based on a report released by the Labor Department in January, some 18, 000 jobs has been slashed in the manufacturing sector alone.


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