United States in on Sale, Turns in to Shoppers Paradise

The whole US is literally on sale as retail stores, luxury product companies, and major manufacturers slashed down their prices to cope up with the lost profit due to the long months of recession.

Prices of good and services, even Tiffany diamond engagement rings, are on sale. Brand new cars and houses are also sold in steeply decreased value.

Due to massive job losses and low-valued housing markets, the United States has now turned into a massive SALE in almost all of its products and services to make up to lost profits during the recession.

Based on the research study conducted by the government, 2009 will be a great time for consumers who can afford to spend extra, saying that the whole American is currently on sale.

Prices of goods ranging from clothes to foods to other services have been slashed to record low in order for the business to make up for the profits that have been lost during the recession.

Even Tiffany engagement rings, which are considered as one of the most rarely discounted items in the US, is now on 30 to 50 percent off.

Also, prices of homes and brand new cars were steeply reduced just for the contractors to able to make the required quota on sales.

Several store owners described the phenomenon as “the new normal” as supermarket chains and retail store outlets in the US slashed their prices by around 30 percent.

“We’re not going back,” said one of the store owners.


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