Types of Business Meetings

If you want to become an executive or supervisor, it is important that you determine the different types of meetings. The agenda of the meeting is the primary basis of the type.

Among the meetings that can be conducted are the following – brainstorming, status updates, damage control, personnel, pitch sessions, and shareholders meetings.

Individuals who hold positions in a certain company will usually attend business meetings with peers, subordinates, and supervisors. There are different types of business meetings but they serve a similar objective and that is to promote teamwork. It is important that you know the meeting types so that you can be prepared when you face other executives. If you’re serious about your profession, you must possess the right knowledge. Below are some of the types of meetings that you might encounter in the daily course of the business.

The Different Meeting Types

First on the list is the brainstorming session. Meetings can be help for the sole purpose of generating ideas to solve a certain problem or issue. Every person inside the room will have to give an idea. It will be discussed, debated, and modified. The perfect solution will be chosen through majority votes. If a company is facing a great problem and the manager can’t think of the best solution, a ‘think tank’ meeting can be conducted. Another type of meeting is giving status updates. This is usually scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. Supervisors and executives hold a meeting to give updates to ensure that the business is progressing. When sales are declining, some of the task and responsibilities may be re-assigned. Meeting participants must prepare their report on the updates of their respective departments.

Damage control is another type of meeting. When an unexpected situation arises and it may cause a terrible impact on the business, this type may be called upon by the managers. In this meeting, all the facts concerning the ‘situation’ or issue will be verified. A script will be created and it will serve as the official statement of the business. This meeting is vital to be able to control the extent of damage that such issue can make.

Personnel meetings are further divided into three categories. A meeting can be held with prospect employees or applicants or it can be an administrative hearing and staffing review. In a certain company, these meetings are already part of the regular operations. Pitch sessions are conducted to impress clients. This is important to encourage clients to get the products. In a company with shareholders, a shareholder’s meeting is often held. This meeting is on a large scale and is usually conducted annually. The shareholders will receive reports and the board will discuss other concerns. In new companies, a startup meeting can b conducted by the owner. This will tackle issues in licensing, marketing, financing, and other aspects of the business.

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