Types of Business Marketing

Any business owned either by an individual or organization follows a practice called business marketing. This practice helps them in facilitating the sales of products and services.

If you are running a business you should know the different types of business marketing.

Business marketing is usually implies business to business. When running a business it is significant to know the right business marketing techniques suitable to your business. Definitely, the main thing that is in mind of every business owner is to obtain profits. That is why you should think about of marketing technique that will boosts the profit of your business. However, you should ensure that the business marketing setup would help in the success of your business. Keep in mind that good marketing techniques would make a sound market share. On the other hand, business marketing techniques should be modified and updated in order to meet the market needs.

Business Marketing Techniques

  • Print advertising – No matter how good is your product or service if it is not recognized it is useless. If you want your business to be recognized you should employ effective marketing techniques. One of the effective techniques is the print campaigns that include magazine and newspaper advertising. The advantage of this marketing technique is that the business owner can deliver the message he want to convey to his customers.
  • Direct mail – Unlike other traditional form of marketing techniques, in direct mail marketing you can have the opportunity to obtain direct response from customers. In this way, business owners can immediately take action. If you will use this technique you should have the necessary supplies such as printing materials, address lists and postage.
  • TV and radio – The business industry prefers to use the highest profile of marketing campaign that is radio and television advertising. It provides great opportunity to reach big number of people in just a short time. However, this marketing technique involves higher cost yet guarantees to promote the business that other marketing format could not.
  • Online marketing – This is the most updated and popular type of business marketing technique. The web offers various advertising opportunities. As long as you have your website you can conveniently promote your business anytime you want. You can choose any of the following online marketing techniques such as pay per click, banner advertising, email marketing and organic search. Most businesses are switching to online marketing because of its convenience and efficiency.

Whatever business marketing technique you may use you should first make research which one would be suitable to your business. Keep in mind that any of these techniques involves spending money that is why you should be certain about it. Always choose marketing technique that will help your business to be recognized by the consumers.


  • A Latheef said on November 18, 2012
    sir, i have interior decoration shop in Abudhabi UAE Last 18 years, our product, Gypsum, decoration Paints, Curtains, Flooring with 20 staff. minimum business US $ One M.Marketing and Management side very week so What i Do? please give me good Advice. Thanks
  • hajay said on April 23, 2013
    Dear @A Latheef, pls go through government website commercial same your field company and there advantage utilize to your company after that it will grow very fast . tnxs
  • AKHILA SHIJO said on May 20, 2013
    hello, I am Akhila. I have a computer centre in thrissur at kerala. our marketing side very week, so what I can do? please give me a good advice. thanks
  • Moslem Uddin said on October 10, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am Moslem Uddin From Dhaka Bangladesh. I have a small Readymade Garments( small Quantity) Stock lot and small quantity manufacturer With all kind of Garments Accessories suppliers. I have to need marketing in near of Bangladesh. Please advice me how to start it and what is that way. Thanks, Moslem
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