Type of Managers

The success or failure of the business is always the responsibility of the manager. If you want to manage your people effectively, there is a need to keep up with the latest trends of the industry where you belong.

Basically, the different types of managers have something to do with communication.

7 Types of Manager

The first type is the problem solver. This manager is focused and task driven to attain business goals. They can put off fires with ease and leads by chaos. Despite the solutions provided by the manager, it will result to monotonous performance. The second type is the pitchfork manager. This type of manager wants to control subordinates. They are demanding, demands accountability, and drive results through scarcity, threats, and other dirty tactics. This can be very painful for employees because they are being pushed, rather than being pulled to attain goals.

The third type is the pontificating manager. This manager has no particular strategy in place and will generate inconsistent or sporadic results. However, these managers are also the ones who can make employees comfortable because they are willing to listen. The fourth type is the presumptuous manager. These managers focus on their personal bonuses, sales quotas, recognition, and production. They don’t mind much about the needs of employees and because of this, they are bound to face turnover problems and attrition. Instead of breeding collaboration, they create unhealthy competition.

A perfect manager is open to personal growth, training, innovation, and change. However, such traits can be their weakness because they are not able to present, listen, question, prospect, or follow a strategic and organized selling system. The passive manager is also called pleasing or parenting manager. Their goal is to make employees happy. The seventh type of manager is the proactive one. They are the ones that possess all the good qualities with fewer chances of pitfalls. So, which type are you?


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