Tutoring Prices

If you are a student who is planning to have extra income this year, then being a tutor is one of the best part-time jobs that you could ever have.

But if you don’t have any background about the income that you will get, you can rely on the information in this article. So, just read on.

Being a tutor will provide you several benefits because you can be your own boss and you will enjoy providing service to someone else. Aside from that, you can gain lots of green bills especially if your client is satisfied with the tutorial you provide. The succeeding paragraphs will provide you more information about the rate of tutorial service.

Discover the Tutoring Prices

  • Online or In Person Tutorial: The basic pay for rendering your tutorial service to someone via online or in person is $0-$70 per hour. But if you will work for a company, your income will be deducted because of some fees you need to pay. So, you need to have a good judgment in setting the rates to earn big even though there are fees to be deducted.
  • Summer Camps Tutorial: Summer is the best time when you can earn money because there are children who prefer to harness their skills to prepare for the next school year. If you are a college student, this can be the best time for you to enjoy your summer while earning as well.

There are several things you can do to make the students learn. Sometimes, you can also go out and expose the children to a different kind of learning experience since it does not take place in the four corners of the classroom alone. The minimum rate that you can charge the students is $150 per week.

  • Private Tutorial: The cost of tutorial service varies all throughout the country but in accordance with PayScale.com, home tutors earn $19.04-$20.35. In order to earn big, you should set the prices reasonably. To find a tutorial job, you can check out local newspapers, roam your city for job postings or surf the Internet.
  • Learning Centers: With the high demand for high class education nowadays, you can choose from several learning centers in your state. If you are buying tutoring hours from a company, then the possibility of negotiating the cost you want is low because the rates are already set. According to PayScale.com, tutors who work for learning centers are paid $10.10-$1.50 per hour.
  • Online Tutorial: If you have a computer with Internet connection, you can easily apply for a part-time or full-time tutorial job. There are lots of job postings online today so you can have a high possibility of looking for the right tutorial job. Usually, tutoring companies also charge their employees per hour.


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