Names for Graphic Design Business

A business will never be known to the clientele if it does not have its own name. And when it comes to naming one, it is not enough that you simply come up with a typical name of your business.

It is still important that names for graphic design business must be something that will attract the customers to ensure a much profitable income.

Do you want to become an owner of a graphic design business? Do you want to assure that your business will also bloom just like any others? Then, the very first thing that you have to do will be to come up with names for graphic design business that can definitely attract a wider clientele base. However, there are still some things that you have to know regarding this kind of business.

Fictitious Business Name

When you start your own business, the very first thing you have to do will be to pick up your business name. When you have decided on one, the next thing will be visit the courthouse in your locality and register the “Assumed Name” of the Doing Business As (DBA). The DBA will be for the purpose that your business can still do transactions legally using one “fictitious” name other than the name that you have created and still get some payments and to have your business represented using that name.

Pick the Name

But, how will you really decide on a name for your business? Actually, you can get some ideas from those names of similar business entities. You can look in the Yellow Pages for some name for graphic design business which can actually serve as your inspiration. Also, you can go through the online directories for graphic design businesses.


When you think about a business name, there are so many things which might actually be of use to you, some of which are directly related to you as the owner. Here are some of them:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full name
  • Nickname
  • Initials
  • Neighborhood
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Region

More Business Name Suggestions

Aside from those which are directly related to you, you might also consider some other things that can be related to the business itself.

  • Graphic designs
  • Desktop design
  • DTP
  • Publishing
  • Designs
  • Document designs
  • Art
  • Imaging
  • Images
  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Artistry
  • Typesetting
  • Letters
  • Page design
  • Printing
  • Communications

You might also want to add more about your field of specialization if you will create your business name.

  • Advertising
  • Books
  • Cards
  • Electronic art
  • Logos
  • Newsletters
  • Packaging
  • Web design
  • Web publishing

You might also want to use generic words or those which are bigger in scope such as:

  • Business
  • Center
  • Co.
  • Company
  • Group
  • Services


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