Trade Show Strategies

Trade shows are one of the best ways in order to promote business. These shows are your best venue to introduce new products and services to a wider clientele.

When you are familiar with the trade show strategies, you are assured that you have already taken the first step to success.

There are businessmen who spend huge amounts of money when they join trade shows but in the end, this very money only end up wasted. But when you know the strategies for these trade show ideas, you can increase and improve your trade in a much cheaper way.

Advanced Productive Appointments

Make sure that you will schedule meetings in advance with your targeted prospects, both at your trade booth, hospitality suite and even over a nice dinner or breakfast. Confirm all these meetings assertively. It does not mean that because you are already there, you will already feel wimpy whenever you book such meetings.

Plan Your Strategic Attack

See to it that the energy and time is properly leveraged for you to assure that you will get the optimum results. Set up your plan made up of certain goals like:

  • Relationships with former customers should be reestablished.
  • Relationships with your current customers must be refreshed.
  • Calls should be made for a certain number of your potential clients.
  • Be familiar with the new trends in the market.
  • See to it that you will listen to the present market.
  • Look for your competitors.

Team Execution of Trade Strategy

Included in the trade show strategies is the execution of it with a team. If you are with your colleagues when you attend the trade show, you must assign personas that will look after the different aspects of your show plan. Get the most out of the interests and talents of the members of the team combined with the personal contacts that they have. Meet early every morning before the show starts for you to discuss the strategy and tactics you will be using for that specific day. As much as possible, you must also meet frequently during the day so you can debrief regarding your strategies, prospects and novel ways in order to attract more people to check out your booth.

Arrive Early and Start Later

Arrive one day before the show in order for you to be organized and rested on the show’s first show. This is also your best chance to make those calls for the participants who arrived earlier. Stay one day later after the show so that you can get to know hot prospects that might still have “show fever.” This dreaded thing usually afflicts attendees of trade shows starting from 12 up to 48 hours after the show’s end and will also kill your chance to sell. These things must be planned in advance before as well as after the activities since many persons make their travel arrangements earlier for them to settle for the best deals.


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