Top Business Credit Cards

Are you looking for great cards for your business dealings? Now, you can choose from the top business credit cards that are available in the market today!

When selecting the best from the business credit cards that are available today, you have to consider having general preferences or criteria.

Now, here are some of most people’s general criteria when looking for the best business credit card in the world today.

Find Cards with no Annual Fees

It is good to know that there are so many credit cards without yearly fees. A $100 a year can still make a difference especially when you are just starting up a business or if it is your first time to have a business credit card. Avoiding something like that can somehow save you some bucks.

The next Criteria: Rewards

Look for the best rewards that you can find in a credit card. The rewards can help you especially in your business expenses such as advertising, office supplies, and so on. There are so many reward offers that are more than 1% rewards/cash backs and you just have to find out which cards offer them. Always remember to check their catalogues so you will know if the rewards will be beneficial to you.

Promotional APRs

Promotional APRs is another factor to consider in choosing a card. Though cards offering 0% APYs for balance transfers or purchases are already going rare to avoid risks on their part, there are still companies who offer this. So if you want to start your business with this, then it will be your advantage.

Now that you already have an idea on which types of business credit cards to choose, here are some of the top business credit cards that you can select from:

Citi – if you are in the market looking for business credit cards, this card is ideal for you. Since it is Visa, card acceptance is not a problem. Right now, they have this AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card where you can take advantage of their 0% APR in six months for your purchases. So if you are starting a business, this is an ideal card for you to add up to your capital. Aside from that, you can get AT&T rewards on their products and services for 5%.

Discover Business Card – you will not pay any annual fees for this credit card and their rewards settings are comparable to a consumer card. They also have the amazing reporting features, not bad for something that has no annual fee.

American Express Business Gold – this card offers amazing discounts and great rewards. Most big businesses use this though it is now advisable for people starting business since it has a $125 annual fee. Aside from that, this AMEX card is not universally accepted unlike Visa. So if you are starting up a business, a $125 can be saved if you choose to have other cards. What’s amazing about this card is the great set of rewards that you can get once you accrued the needed points unlike other companies that gives rewards that you can’t actually use in your business.


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