Tips on Retail Store Lighting

If you want to make use of the right lighting fixtures, you will have to make use of these lighting tips. The light settings will usually depend on the type of product that you’re selling in your retail store.

The ideal lighting for clothing store is already revealed below. For other store products, you can follow the 75 to 150 FC light requirement.

Retail Store Lighting Tips

Retail store lighting is very important and this can affect the success of your business. Whether your retail store is catering to the young and old population, you can make use of these lighting tips. Customers will stay away from dimly lit retail stores because they won’t be able to see the products with ease. Besides, a welcoming atmosphere should be created and this can be achieved through proper lighting. The ideal lighting is from 75 to 150 FC because this can ensure maximum visibility. One of the greatest factors that you need to consider is the type of products that you’re selling.

For instance, if you are selling clothing items or gift items, you can make use of ambient lighting that is similar to that used in galleries. Accent lighting can emphasize your best products in the store. You can also have classical music playing on the background coupled with appealing aromas. This will send out a message to your customers – that your store is selling quality and slightly expensive items. People who want to buy quality products will want to check out the store once they see the low ambient lighting.

Other Options

Just in case you already have existing light fixtures and you are not ready to incur more costs, you can clean the lights. Clean the lights regularly to prevent luminare dirt depreciation (LDD). When the lights are kept clean, they will tend to operate at maximum. Functionality is not always the major benefit of light fixtures in the store. With proper use, you can spray or splash the lights on the walls and other key areas of the retail store to display your key products. Light fixtures can easily grab the interest of buyers and will guide you through the store.

When you are putting up a new retail store, you should give a lot of importance to proper lighting. If you can start out right, you can attract more customers. Consult the professionals so that you will know the right light fixtures to use. Use the internet to determine the most suitable light settings to use in your store. The ideal light fixture for a retail clothes store was already revealed earlier. Now, if you are selling other products, you may need to stick with the 75 to 150 FC setting. Never use poor quality light fixtures because you will only compromise your safety and that of your customers. Invest on good quality and attractive lights.

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    south africa westonaria i have a clothing business that is about 70 square meter i want to brighten up my business with led please advise


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