Tips on Recruiting Board Members

This article provides information regarding tips on how to recruit qualified board members in an organization.

A good board is one that does not only provide for the conceptual part of a group such as vision but also skills, community linkages, support and other institutional help.

On the other hand, a board that is poorly organized can make a dent to the group’s mission. The leadership created by the members of the board is what drives for the success or the accomplishment of tasks.

To help you find the right persons to be part of your board, below is a list of tips on the recruitment:

  • Allot enough time for planning. It is common in organizations to commit the mistake of assembling their boards during the last minute. There should be a timeline that must be followed so as not to undermine other goals and tasks of the organization.
  • Identify the needs of the organization. You have to remember that the board and its members are a vital part of the organization. You have to think what strengths as well as skills you need to accomplish the goals. More often than not, board members are selected because of their field expertise. Others were also considered because of the skills they possess which are not necessarily related to the goals of the organization such as financial management and public relation. They become a valuable asset because of their ability to look after the welfare of the organization. Also, some consultants recommend that one board member should at least have knowledge and understand taxation laws and other statutes which may affect the organizations. That board member may not necessarily be a lawyer. Aside from a tax expert, it is also recommended to include someone who knows about management and governance.
  • Identification of candidates. After finding out what you need for your organization, you can now begin recruiting people to fill them in. After the compilation of the candidates with the appropriate credentials, you now begin considering their personal attributes such as their ability to connect with people and availability of time. Candidates who fit the job description are shortlisted after for the activation of recruitment.
  • Determine and set your expectations. Organizations should make sure that the people who they recruit into their organizations must be individuals committed to produce good results. Formal arrangements and requirements such as attendance during meetings, financial contributions, fund raising participation and service to committees should be established. Organizations should not invite members who no matter how qualified they for the position are too busy to serve several masters at a time.
  • Succession planning. Cultivation of new leadership should be encouraged. Committees within the organization can be seen as a ground for searching potential board members. Also, look for younger members within the organization as board member candidates. This is because it has been said that leaders who are in their 30’s are eager to get involved with the affairs of an organization.

More often than not, when the recruitment process for potential board members become successful, the same goes for the entirety of the organization – a success, too!


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