Becoming a Board Member

In life, or more specifically as your career progresses, you get faced with several different opportunities that will catapult you into the path to a successful career; all you have to do is to know that you are making the right decisions.

Becoming a board member is definitely one of those good decisions since it is a highlight of all your achievements throughout your career.

Getting involved in organizations and establishments that have invited you to become a board member will give you the opportunity to meet different people and serve different causes, all in all a doorway to more amazing and worthwhile opportunities and responsibilities. Supporting this board will allow you to engage in deeper and worthy causes that will no less boot your motivation and enthusiasm toward work and serving others.

Meeting up with other members of the board to discuss your causes, brainstorm and deliberate on certain issues will allow you to engage in serving others; at the same time meet more fascinating and influential individuals. Getting entrusted with an offer to become a board member is a sign of your importance and overall value to not only your business or the company you work for, but your community. Not only do you get the personal satisfaction from such a privilege but you also get the promotion and publicity for yourself and the company you work for.

Depending on what you are board member for, you will be trained to become certified to hold that position. Initially organizations will invite potential board members who they feel are already qualified but in some cases there is a need for actual certification, which the organization will support through your education as commitment to the board and what it stands for. This more often than not is a new experience that gets you to evaluate organizations on a deeper level, learning how to handle new things, new situations and overall increase your experience. Through a board you will be making a difference, not only in yourself but for the community and the individuals in that community.

The board for the organization you may be invited to may not always have financial benefits. Being a member of any board requires dedication and willingness and despite the possibility of the lack of funding or payments it is a worthwhile experience nonetheless that is worthy of accepting, and will boost you t your goals in the long run. This is because you become part of a team that is dedicated to a cause, a cause that requires strategic analysis and goal planning to succeed. You will be dealing with other professionals and will also gain experience on their insights and ideas.

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  • Abdulwahhab Aldahlawi said on January 3, 2013
    I am currently holding a position of CFO, in Ewaan Global Residential co. I have 24 years of experience in finance and accounting filed. I am stationed in Jeddah city, in Saudi Arabia. Current I am a board member in a company called Anfaal Capital and audit committee member in Foras International Investment co. I would like to apply for Certified degree to become a board member. My contact no is 00966 505701615. Thank you,


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