When to Apply to Business School

If you want to be accepted in a business school, you need to know the best time to apply. Once you’ve finished an undergraduate course (whether related or not), you have to prepare yourself for the challenging process.

Readiness is the key to success in entering the business school. Good luck.

Business School Application

When is the best time to apply at a business school? Once you’ve finished your undergraduate degree, you can already consider a business school application. This is a demanding and challenging process. You have to plan things about at least a year before you enroll. Research will play a major role in finding the best business school in your area. You use the internet to join forums, get recommendations from friends, and check out rankings. Before you start with your search, identify your goals first and the money that you are willing to spend.

You can talk with alums and current students to gather relevant information about the business school. Check out four schools and from there, you can pick one that can meet your needs and budget. Schools offer various programs and since this is a big investment, you have to make the right decision. You’re at an advantage if you finished a relevant undergraduate course. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t finish a relevant course because if you have the skills and knowledge, you might qualify and meet the standards of the business school.

When to Apply to Business School?

The best time to apply is when you’re READY. Some applicants are quite lucky and are able to pass the GMAT exam in one take but just in case you’re not able to pass, you can always take the exam for the second time. First timers are often stressed because the application phase is already time consuming. You will be getting lots of recommendations, fill out various data forms, answer essays, and other tasks. Business schools don’t settle with good enough, you should be the best and to do this, you must dedicate a lot of time.

Since the process is personal and introspective, you will surely be struggling with the application. The essays of the exam can be frustrating but need to be prepared. Work limits should be given a lot of attention, as well as page limits. Follow all instructions carefully. When the interview is near, you have to prepare thoroughly. You will be asked questions like why you chose the school, why MBA, and details about your career goals. Try practicing in front of the mirror so that you can answer confidently on the actual interview. If you’re waitlisted, don’t lose hope yet. Who knows, other applicants might back out and will give you the slot. Thorough preparation is the secret to being accepted in a business school. Never file an application if you are NOT prepared.


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