The Use of Twitter for Business Development

Twitter is a popular social media network that a lot of people use to reach out to others. Today, Twitter is also a business medium, advertising and promoting products to a large number people, primarily to those who have Twitter accounts.

There are simply a lot of stuffs that Twitter offers, making it a favorite social media for many people.

We can’t deny the fact that Twitter is already a part of every entrepreneur’s vocabulary. However, there are some who say that Twitter is just a waste of time, that, it’s a stupid social networking site and that no business will go far by using it.

But then, we just can’t deny the fact and the help that Twitter has given to us. And to dispel what naysayers are talking about, here are 10 tips on how to use Twitter to maximize your business potentials. And when we say business, it includes solo act going to huge number of clients.

1. Don’t answer questions like “what do you do?” or “what are you doing?” Instead, answer the more sensical “what is your intention?” types of question.

2. Don’t just stick on with one Twitter. For your company, have two or three. It’s always nice to look at different perspectives.

3. Always ask questions or explain what’s next in line when you promote a blog post. Those two are better off compared to simply putting a link into it.

4. You can get a lot of opinions from Twitter. So see to it that you ask a lot of questions.

5. If you find somebody who tweets and what he tweets interest you, follow that person, know him, and know whom she follows.

6. Tweet about other people’s business. Don’t make it obvious that you promote your own business, instead, talk about other people’s stuff.

7. When you talk about your own products or business, talk about it carefully, usefully, and interestingly. Likewise, posting advices, blogs, and pictures will give your Twitter a regular flow of visitors.

8. Let other people see the human side of your business. The very reason why you opened a Twitter account is to reach out to people. You believe in this social media because you value human connections within your company. So, fill your Twitter with pictures of people whom you value to make others know you are within their reach.

9. Use the Twitter search so you will know if others are talking about you. 10. Share worthwhile, informative links that can be useful to others. The more helpful your Twitter is, the more people will follow you.

Proper use of your Twitter may mean success to your business. Thus, see to it that your Twitter is filled with informative stuffs. The more you reach out to others, the more they will reach out to you, too. You might be surprised someday that, thanks to your Twitter, your expectations for you business are more than met.


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