Tap Water Safer Than Bottled Water- Experts

Bottled manufacturers were urged by the government and a non-profit organization to label their products accordingly to know its safety standards and to go at par with the tap water that the city is distributing.

A new study conducted by a non-profit organization, Environmental Working Group and the Government Accountability Office showed that bottled manufacturers are limiting the contents of its label, saying that American consumers actually know little about the water they are drinking.

In its report on Wednesday, the nonprofit organization, advocacy groups, and the government suggested that bottled water, much like the tap water, should be labeled with the same high regards to consumer health. The report also said that these manufacturers must disclose the actual content of the bottled water.

Due to major health concerns, the group urged the US consumers to be more cautious about the water that they are buying in the stores, stressing that it “should be a distant second choice” to the filtered tap water that they drink at home.

However, the research group stressed that tap water should be filtered in a commercial level, and not just home filters, to prevent any minor health problems.

Last year, bottled water industry has made over $16 billion in sales, giving beverage companies a run for their money. But in 2009, it was flat lined as more and more group and concerned citizen organizations take the necessary measures to limit or even ban its consumption.

One of the major reasons for the ban is the number of bottles not being recycled.

Another reason for the short sales for bottled water was the consumers’ choice to return to tap water after the recession hit the majority of the country’s population.


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